Chapter Leadership Toolkits

Leadership 2021 Handouts – Please click on each handout, download and save it for use during the conference.
Attendee Agenda for Tuesday and Wednesday
The Board Team Handbook
Strategic Goals Template
Chapter Ambassador Program
Suggestions for Growing Your Chapter
Financial Responsibilities Top Four Things Your Chapter
Collaboration Handout Skye Hart


Welcome to your Chapter Leader Toolkits! These toolkits contain a wealth of resources, tools and guidance to help chapter officers implement new programs aimed at stronger member engagement.  They will help you with recruitment, programming, effectively managing your chapter’s finances and will streamline processes to minimize the effort it takes to get things done. These templates and worksheets will continue to evolve and improve as we receive feedback.

Please submit your chapter’s resources and best practices to Elizabeth George, Director of Member Engagement and Chapter Development, so that they may also be included.

New AGO Logo: These are now password protected.  Please call AGO Headquarters: 212-870-2311 for access.
Logo files for screens (digital screen display on web, email, video)
Logo files for ink printing (onto paper or other items for publication)
AGO Identity Style Guide

Membership Dashboards
December 2020 Dashboard
November 2020 Membership Dashboard
October 2020 Membership Dashboard
September 2020 Membership Dashboard
August Membership Dashboard
July 2020 Membership Dashboard
June 2020 Membership Dashboard

Board Management and Governance

Updating the Officer Roster
Responsibilities of Serving as Dean
Building a Leadership Pipeline
Chapter Election and Voting Procedures
The Value and Benefits of Serving as a Chapter Leader
Sample Board Meeting Consent Agenda
Strategic Plan Template
Strategic Planning Exercise
Chapter Policies for San Diego AGO – approved May 2018
San Diego AGO chapter Operating Procedures Adopted 1-16-18

Membership: Recognize, Recruit, Renew

Responsibilities of the Registrar_Membership Coordinator
How to access ONCARD to Pull Member Reports

New Member On-Boarding
New Member Welcome Email_Letter
Sample script_new member welcome phone call
Sample script to recognize new members at a chapter program
Creating a Chapter Ambassador Program

Membership Flyer for Chapter Use **Please download and save, in order to insert your chapter information.
Suggestions for Growing and Strengthening Your Chapter
Follow up Email to Prospective Member
Sample Postcard_Letter_Email Prospect Follow up
Sample Letter to Clergy

Renewing Members
Chapter Member Renewal Email
Thank you for renewing your membership


COVID-19 Waiver
Responsibilities of Serving as Sub-Dean
Duties of the Chapter Education Coordinator
Program Budget Worksheet
Program Evaluation Survey
Creating a Spectrum of Events that Teach, Reach and Spark Innovation
Programming Resources and Guidelines
2019-2020 Tulsa Chapter Program Flyer (2)
Chapter Programming Ideas


Responsibilities of the Treasurer
Fox Valley AGO Annual Financial Report–FY2019 (Redacted)
Sample Chapter Budget_Worksheet_Balance Sheets
Top Four Things for Financial Responsibility for Your Chapter
1099 MISC Reporting


Responsibilities of the Newsletter Editor
Designing and Maintaining a Website
Chapter Newsletters – What to Include
Requesting AGO Mail Lists
Maximizing Social Media

Chapter Leadership Newsletters
Chapter Leader News January 2021
Chapter Leadership News December 2020
Chapter Leader News November 2020

Chapter Leader News October 2020
Chapter Leadership News September 2020
Chapter Leadership News August 2020
Chapter Leadership News July 2020
Chapter Leadership News June 2020
Chapter Leadership News May 2020
Chapter Leadership News April 2020.
Chapter Leadership News March 2020
Chapter Leadership News February 2020
Chapter Leadership News January 2020
Chapter Leadership News December 2019
Chapter Leadership News October-November 2019
Chapter Leadership News September 2019
Chapter Leadership News August 2019

Social Media Resources

How to Use Facebook Stories
How to Use Instagram Stories
How to Use Facebook Live
How to Use Instagram Live
How to link an Instagram Account to a Facebook Page
How to Boost a Post on Facebook?
How to Create a Business Facebook Page
Maximizing Social Media

How to Target Audiences in Facebook

Core Audiences
Custom Audiences
Lookalike Audiences
How to Place Facebook Pixels
How to Run Ads in Facebook’s Ads Manager