Vice-President/Councillor for Competitions & New Music

walkerChristian Lane, MM
150 Orleans St., #602
Boston, MA 02128
Cell: 917-575-4113


The Councillor for Competitions & New Music coordinates the work of the Guild in the areas of competitions. Committees under this Councillor’s aegis include New Music, National Young Artists Competition in Organ Performance (NYACOP), Regional Competition for Young Organists (RCYO), and National Competition in Organ Improvisation (NCOI).

Competitions Committee

Christian M. Lane, MM, Director
Chelsea Chen, MM
Cindy Lindeen-Martin, DMA
Mary Newton, CAGO, DMA
Jay Peterson, DMA, SPC
Jason Roberts, DMA
Michael Unger, DMA

Committee on New Music

Eileen Hunt, AAGO, DMA, Director
Randall Harlow, DMA
James Biery
Katie Burk, BM (from Task Force for Young Organists)