AGO National Competition in Organ Improvisation

The National Competition in Organ Improvisation seeks to further the art of improvisation by recognizing and rewarding superior performance in the field. A flourishing tradition of improvisation is fundamental to a truly vital musical culture.

The competition is open to all organists regardless of age or citizenship. First-place winners of a previous NCOI are not eligible. The NCOI occurs biennially and commences with a recorded Preliminary Round. The  Semifinal Round will be held at the AGO Regional Convention in Charlotte, NC (2015); the Final Round will be held in conjunction with the AGO 2016 National Convention in Houston.

Prizes: First Place – $3,000, funded by McNeil Robinson; Second Place – $2,000, funded by Dobson Pipe Organ Builders; Third Place – $1,500, funded by Pamela and Steven Ruiter-Feenstra; Audience prize – $1500, funded by David and Robin Arcus. The 2016 NCOI  Rules were published in the October-14 issue of THE AMERICAN ORGANIST. You may also request information from AGO Headquarters,


NCOI Committee
Cindy Lindeen-Martin, NCOI Director
Jason Roberts
Mary Newton