Competitions and New Music

Election-HuntEileen Hunt, AAGO, DMA


The Councillor for Competitions & New Music coordinates the work of the Guild in the areas of competitions. Committees under this Councillor’s aegis include New Music, National Young Artists Competition in Organ Performance (NYACOP), Regional Competition for Young Organists (RCYO), and National Competition in Organ Improvisation (NCOI).

A special note to chapters from the competitions committee—hosting an AGO competition winner (NYACOP, NCOI, RCYO/Quimby Rising Star) is the perfect chapter event! Contact AGO Headquarters for information regarding any of the 2015-16 winners.

Competitions Committee
Director: Eileen Hunt
Grady Coyle (1)
Kathrine Handford
Cindy Lindeen-Martin, DMA (2)
Mary Newton, CAGO, DMA (3)
Jason Roberts (2)
Michael Unger (2)

Committee on New Music
Director: Randall Harlow, DMA (3)
Louise Mundinger (1)
Katie Burk

AGO Headquarters