Treasurer/Councillor for Finance & Development

adlerBarbara Adler, SPC, DMA
607-339-0093 (cell)

Finance and Development Committee

Director: Barbara Adler, SPC, DMA

Anthony Cancro, MBA
Ronald Krebs, BM, MM
Robert Lee Mays, MBA
G. Ronald Vanderwest

ex officio:

John Walker, FAGO, DMA, President
James Thomashower, CAE, Exec. Dir.
F. Anthony Thurman, DMA, staff
Abigail Loyal, staff

AGO Staff Support:

F. Anthony Thurman, DMA
Director of Development and Communications

Abigail Loyal
Financial Manager


Budget – Adler, Krebs, Walker, Thomashower, Loyal
Investment – Adler, Mays, Thomashower
Development – Committee of the whole with Walker, Thomashower, Thurman

Non-Profit Audit Committee

Director:  Barbara Adler, SPC, DMA
Michael Velting, DMA
John Walker, FAGO, DMA

For a full listing of  members of all National Committees,
please refer to the
Directory of Officials

Summary of Financial Results Through 2/29/16