Treasurer/Councillor for Finance & Development

adlerBarbara Adler, SPC, DMA
607-339-0093 (cell)

Committee on Finance and Development

This committee is responsible for the ongoing budgeting process, which includes annual development and review of the operating budget for approval by the National Council at its regular spring meeting. It develops financial and investment policies of the Guild and advises on their implementation and on the overall financial policy of the Guild. In coordination with the Director of Development, it is responsible for soliciting gifts for the Endowment Funds, the Annual Fund, and special projects, and for recommending and implementing all policies and actions for the Annual and Endowment funds.

Director: Barbara Adler, SPC, DMA

Ronald Krebs, BM, MM
Ed Maki-Schramm, DMA
G. Ronald Vanderwest
Jeffrey Verkuilen, FAGO, MBA, CPA

ex officio:

Michael Bedford, AAGO, ChM, DMA, President
James Thomashower, CAE, Exec. Dir.
F. Anthony Thurman, DMA, staff
Abigail Loyal, staff

AGO Staff Support:

F. Anthony Thurman, DMA
Director of Development and Communications

Abigail Loyal
Financial Manager


Budget – Adler, Krebs, Vanderwest, Bedford, Thomashower, Loyal
Investment – Adler, Bedford, Thomashower
Development – Committee of the whole with Bedford, Thomashower, Thurman

Non-Profit Audit Committee

The Non-Profit Audit Committee oversees accounting principles and practices, reporting and disclosures, the auditor and the audit process, management’s system of internal controls, and whistle blower policy.

Director:  Barbara Adler, SPC, DMA
Michael Velting, DMA
Michael Bedford, AAGO, ChM, DMA

For a full listing of  members of all National Committees, please refer to the Directory of Officials