Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership is an exciting membership option for those who wish to declare their timeless support for the Guild by making a commitment to Guild membership for life.

Benefits: No more worrying about writing checks, future dues increases, or wondering “Have I renewed my membership?”

AGO National Headquarters will remit the chapter portion of your membership dues to the local chapter of your choice on an annual basis, or you can join as an Independent Member.

We invite you to become a Lifetime Member and add your name to the notable list below.

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Mark Andersen
Lawrence Archbold
Christopher Arp
Douglas Backman
Anthony Baglivi
Paul T. Barte, dma
Bruce P. Bengtson, aago
Robert C. Birnstihl
Jason Bowles, aago
Giles W. E. Brightwell, PhD
Charles E. Brown
Philip C. Brunelle
Sara Bryant
Herbert R. Buffington
William G. Bullock
Elgin A. Clingaman
Grahame S. Davis
Lucinda Nash Dudley†
Wesley C. Dudley†
Randall D. Engle
Jane Errera, ChM
Matthew J. Estes, PhD
James Feddeck
Aaron Flood
Rhonda S. Furr
Terrie Harman, aago
Sarah J. Hawbecker
Paul Hertz
T. Andrew Hicks, fago, chm
Leon Hiett
George Aldrich Hill III
C. David Hughes
Calvert Johnson, dm
Joyce Jones, fago
John Michael Jurica
D.E. Kessinger
Deborah J. Kim
Anne Lam
Barbara Leighton, spc, md
John Michael Liebl
Lih-Jen Lin
Larry J. Long
David J. Lowenstein
Fred S. Mauk†
Don McManus, fago†
Alex Mendelsohn
Lois J. Miller
Michael D. Munson
N. Seth Nelson, aago
Andrew H. Olson
Larry Overstreet
Rochelle M. Parker
Kathie A. Powell
John A. Rafoth
Marge Redding
Steven J. Reetz
Steven L. Rice
David M. Ripley
Leslie Wolf Robb, cago
Jon Roberts
C. Milton Rodgers III
Helen VanAbbema Rodgers
Tony P. Roof
Robert Ross
Ricky S. Salazar, spc
David Lee Sheerer
David Vogels, cago
John C. Walker, dma, fago
Carolyn Lee Walker-Smith
John Powell Walsh
The Rev. Ronald Weber
George A. Weckman
Beth Zucchino



Click Here to Become a Lifetime Member