MichaelBedford-Photo2Michael Bedford, AAGO, ChM, DMA

918-346-8104 (Cell)


Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and one Regional Councillor to be appointed by the President. This committee serves as a liaison between the Council and the professional staff and works with the Executive Director in reviewing policies and compensation.

Barbara Adler, SPC, DMA
607-339-0093 (h)
816-868-9313 (cell)

Eileen Hunt, AAGO, DMA
203-256-1749 (cell)

Vicki Schaeffer, DM
405-749-3045 (w)
405-36-7679 (h)
405-365-6530 (cell)

National Nominating Committee (NNC)

The National Nominating Committee nominates candidates for positions as National Officers and Councillors. The National Nominating Committee also receives and reports to the National Council the slates of candidates for Regional Councillors, as determined by the Regional Nominating Committees. The committee is also charged with identifying potential leaders and recommending candidates for National Committee positions on an ongoing basis.

Crista M. Miller, SPC, DMA (2016-2020)
713-659-1561 (w)
713-237-8956 (h)

Laura Ellis, DMA (2018-2022)
352-273-3131 (w)
352-692-5823 (h)


David J. Hurd, Jr. (2016-2020)
212-924-4963 (h)
917-302-4963  (cell)

Joyce Shupe Kull, FAGO, ChM, DMA (2018-2022)
303-204-2550 (cell)

Kevin Neel, BM (2016-2020)
803-322-0122 (cell)

Task Force on Denominational Music Organizations

The mission of the Task Force on Denominational Music Organizations is to identify opportunities for mutual cooperation and support between the AGO and denominational music organizations.

Director: Robert Craig Dobbins, MM (Presbyterian USA) – Email
Daniel Aune, DMA (Lutheran) – Email
Preston Dibble, MM (Roman Catholic) – Email
Eileen Guenther, DMA (United Methodist) – Email
Marilyn J. Keiser, FAGO, ChM, SMD (Episcopal) – Email

Task Force on Gender Equity

Co-Director:  Eileen Hunt, AAGO, DMA – Email
Co-Director: Vicki Schaeffer, DM – Email

Nancy Cooper, DMA, CAGO – Email


Updated June 19, 2020