Membership Comparison & Dues

AGO Membership Comparison Chart

Chapter1 & Independent Member Dues

Regular-TAO Print & Online
Regular-TAO Online only
Special-TAO Print & Online (65 and over  or disabled)
Special-TAO Online only (65 and over or disabled)
Young Organist-TAO Print & Online (under 30)
Young Organist-TAO Online only (under 30)

Other Member Dues

Dual Chapter Regular (paid to second chapter)
Dual Chapter Special (paid to second chapter)
Dual Chapter Young Organist (paid to second chapter)
Chapter Friend
Lifetime Membership*
(Contact your chapter)

*Contact AGO National Headquarters for payment options and additional information

TAO Subscription Rates Within the U.S. Outside the U.S.
TAO Printed Copy with Online Access $70 $90
TAO Online Access Only $62 $62

If you are an AGO member who would like to have dual membership with the RCCO or a member of the RCCO who would like to have dual membership with the AGO, we invite you to visit the RCCO’s website to do so at any time.

RCCO members must pay in Canadian dollars to join the AGO (CAN $85) or subscribe to TAO either in print edition (CAN $63) or digitally (CAN $52).

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1. Chapter member dues are split between AGO national headquarters and the local chapter. Figures in parentheses show the dollar amount received by the national office (first) and the chapter (second).

Regular-TAO Print & Online: $105 (64/41)
Regular-TAO Online only: $97 (56/41)
Special-TAO Print & Online: $80 (47/33)
Special-TAO Online only: $72 (39/33)
Young Organist-TAO-Print & Online: $50 (32/18)
Young Organist-TAO-Online only: $42 (24/18)
Regular Dual: $41 (0/41)
Special Dual: $33 (0/33)
Young Organist Dual: $18 (0/18)