Pipe Organ Encounters

Welcome to the world of Pipe Organ Encounters, the most successful outreach program sponsored by the AGO. POEs offer teenagers and adults a rewarding opportunity to learn more about the pipe organ and its construction, instruction with experienced faculty, visits to hear and play outstanding instruments, and the chance to meet and interact with peers who share an interest in the King of Instruments.


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Applications to 2020 POE events will open November 1, 2019.
The site proposal application for chapters interested in hosting Pipe Organ Encounter events will open November 1, 2019.

Information about POE Scholarships

All the Cool Kids are into Pipe Organs: A blogpost by Holly Heffelbower

Documents and videos related to POE programs.

POE Handbook (currently being updated – please check back here on October 17, 2019)

Pipe Organ Encounter (POE)

A POE is a 4-5 day event organized by a local AGO chapter that introduces participants aged 13-18 to the world of the pipe organ. [More…]

POE Advanced (POEA)

A POEA is a 5-6 day event organized by a local AGO chapter that provides a higher level of pipe organ instruction and intense course study for students entering grades 9 through 12 who are ages 13 to 18 and have already achieved a high level of success in organ study. [More…]

POE Technical (POETech)

POETech is a program designed for students aged 16-23 who are interested in learning the art and craft of organ building.  POETech is sponsored by an AGO Chapter in collaboration with an organ builder. [More…].


POE+ is a 4-5 day event organized by a local AGO chapter that provides organ instruction to students 19 and older.  It is open to beginners as well as more advanced students. [More…].

All Pipe Organ Encounter Events for 2020
Pipe Organ Encounters (for ages 13-18)

June 22-27
Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas)
Director: David Pickering
(785) 560-4520 (home)
(785) 370-6110 (cell)

June 28-July 3
Long Beach, California
Director: Hyunju Hwang
(213) 550-9093 (home/cell)

July 19-24
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Director: Timothy Olsen
(336) 770-3254 (work)

August 2-7
Trinity College (Hartford, CT)
Director: Christopher Houlihan
(860) 748-3395 (cell)
(860) 297-2014 (work)

Pipe Organ Encounter-Advanced (for grades 9-12)

June 28- July 3
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Co-Director: James Wagner
(734) 645-5360 (home)

Pipe Organ Encounter-Plus (for Adults)

June 14-19
Rockford, Illinois
Director: Trish Rooney
(815) 985-0143 (cell)

June 28 – July 3
Allentown and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Co-Director: Gloria Snyder
(610) 439-1933 (home)

July 26-31
Richmond, Virginia
Co-Director: Stephen Henley
(804) 272-7514, ext. 312 (work)
(804) 647-1152 (cell)

The Pipe Organ Encounter-Technical (for ages 16-23) is not available in 2020

Pipe Organ Encounters is an educational outreach program of the American Guild of Organists. Major funding for Pipe Organ Encounters is provided by the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America. Additional support is provided by the American Institute of Organbuilders, the Jordan Organ Endowment, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Permanently endowed AGO scholarships are provided in memory of Charlene Brice Alexander, Robert S. Baker, Seth Bingham, Michael Cohen, Margaret R. Curtin, Clarence Dickinson, Richard and Clara Mae Enright, Virgil Fox, Philip Hahn, Charles N. Henderson, Alfred E. Lunsford, Ruth Milliken, Bruce Prince-Joseph, Douglas Rafter, Ned Siebert, Mary K. Smith, and Martin M. Wick; and in honor of Anthony Baglivi, Philip E. Baker, Gordon and Naomi Rowley, Frederick Swann, Morgan and Mary Simmons, and the Leupold Foundation.