Under the leadership of the National Council, a network of volunteer officials at the regional, district, and local levels directs the geographical activities of the Guild. For purposes of administration and representation, the Guild is divided into seven geographical regions, and each chapter is assigned to a district within a region.

A Regional Councillor is elected by the members of the Guild assigned to Chapters within each of the seven regions. The Regional Councillor is responsible for supervision and coordination of the work of the Guild in their Region and representation of the Region on the National Council.

Appointed District Conveners are responsible for the development of the Guild’s interests in each state or area located within the Region. The District Convener assists the Regional Councillor in the work of the Region.

In addition to District Conveners, Regional Coordinators are appointed to assist the Regional Councillor and a National Councillor in coordinating work of a specific portfolio area of the Guild within the Region, such as education and professional concerns.

To promote communication, the regional elected and appointed leadership and the Chapters have been listed by Region (see the Region Links in the right sidebar).

Leader address, telephone number and email address information, where not included, is available from AGO National Headquarters by email, fax, mail or telephone.

In 2014 the former nine AGO regions were consolidated to seven. This map displays the current regions.