National Councillors

Councillors coordinate and represent to the National Council specific areas of the work of the Guild — education, professional development, competitions and conventions, and finance and development.

Councillor for Membership/Convener of the Regional Councillors (CRC)

cookDavid K. Lamb, CAGO, DMus (1)
812-944-2229 (w)

Councillor for Education

cookDon Cook, AAGO, DMA
801-422-3260 (w)
801-372-9869 (cell)

Councillor for Finance and Development

adlerBarbara Adler
816-842-0975 (w)
816-333-3912 (h)
816-868-9313 (cell)

Councillor for Competitions and New Music

LaneChristian Lane, MM
617-495-8597 (w)
917-575-4113 (cell)

Councillor for Conventions

VeltingMichael Velting, DMA
615-255-7729 (w)
615-400-1045 (cell)

Councillor for Communications

StutzMary Stutz
757-565-8927 (w)
757-220-2108 (h)