Clarence Dickinson Society

F O R    P L A N N E D    G I V I N G

Cdickin2A founder of the AGO and the School of Sacred Music at Union Theological Seminary, Clarence Dickinson (1873-1969) was known as the Dean of American Church Musicians. Dr. Dickinson—organist and choirmaster, composer, virtuoso, performer, author, lecturer, and teacher—worked in all his capacities to broaden appreciation of organ music and reach new audiences. He worked tirelessly to improve the quality of church music, even as he celebrated his 90th birthday conducting a large choral festival at The Riverside Church in Manhattan. Clarence Dickinson’s legacy will forever uphold a standard of excellence in church music.

In 1997, 16 members of the Guild became charter members of the Clarence Dickinson Society (CDS) by including the AGO in their will or estate plans. They were Lorene S. Banta, Muriel W. Crowley, Paul J. Danilewski, Harriet L. Dearden, Winifred Howe, Edwin H. Holmberg, Jr., Joel H. Kuznik, Wm. A. Little, John Obetz, Helen A. Osterberg, W. James Owen, Frank J. Poole, Jr., Peggy Kelley Reinburg, Charles L. Smith, Jr., Frederick Swann, and Clementine Miller Tangeman. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all these visionaries.

Membership in the Society grows each year. By including the AGO in their will or estate plans, these individuals have displayed a public commitment to the mission of the Guild that will transcend their earthly life. Their bequests will forever be a living testimony to their belief in the work of the American Guild of Organists. Your legacy can do the same. Won’t you join us?

Printable Dickinson Society Membership Form

Members of the Clarence Dickinson Society

Anonymous (4)
Barbara W. Adler
†Lucie Ford Anderson
Donald C. Auberger Jr., cago
Christopher Babcock
David G. Bahrke
†Lorene S. Banta
Mary Lou Criss Barker
Ted Barr and Tony Thurman
Paula Jane Barta, spc
Bruce P. Bengtson, aago
R. Monty Bennett, cago
†Roberta Bitgood, fago, chm
Lori P. Bourret
Andrew A. Bowen, cago
Lynn Bratney, spc
Donna Brunsma
†Brian L. Buehler
John-Paul Buzard
†Don G. Campbell
Cary W. Castellaw
James David Christie
Thomas and Mary Clark
Stephen Z. Cook, cago
†John E. Courter, fago
†Joseph W. Coutret
Charlotte F. Cordes, cago
†Muriel W. Crowley
Paul J. Danilewski
†Vernon L. deTar, fago
Harriet L. Dearden, aago
William D. Dickinson
Delbert D. Disselhorst
John Ditto
Nancy Ruyle Dodge
Geoffrey J. Druce, md
Alice Dubpernell
Linda Wilberger Egan
Steven L. Egler
Sheldon F. Eldridge Jr.
Dennis Elwell
Jane Errera, chm
Margaret R. Evans
†Henry S. Fusner, aago
Stephen W. Garner
Norman and Ethel Geist, cago
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Gould, aago
†Dennis L. Goward
E. Lary Grossman, spc
Eileen Guenther
Terrie Harman, cago
†Charles N. Henderson
Shirley Hill, aago
Edwin H. Holmberg Jr.
Karen and Walter Holtkamp
Winifred Howe
†Rudolf O. Inselmann
Calvert Johnson
Jeanne R. Johnson
Paul R. Jones
†Robert Burns King
Richard F. Kline Jr.
Ralph Kneeream
Ronald Krebs
†Joel H. Kuznik
Ann Labounsky, fago
David K. Lamb, cago
Ture Edward Larson

Wm. A. Little
Kenneth D. Lowenberg, fago
†Cameron Magnon
Lorraine M. Magnuson
†Fred S. Mauk
J. Barbara McKelway
†Ruth Milliken, aago
Robert L. Moncrief
Philip T. Newton Jr., cago
Frances Nobert
†John Obetz
†Helen A. Osterberg
Barbara Owen, chm
W. James Owen
†Lyle F. Perusse, cago
†Ronald G. Pogorzelski and Lester D. Yankee
†Frank J. Poole, Jr.
Robert S. Plimpton II
Michael Quimby
Peggy Kelley Reinburg
Roy Roberts
Stephen T. Roberts
Jayson Rodovsky-Engquist
Roger W. Roszell, spc
†Marjorie D. Sawyer
Vicki J. Schaeffer
†Thomas J. Secor
†Ellena A. Sewell
David L. Shearer
Morgan F. Simmons
Michael F. Simonini
†Edward F. Small
M. Ellen Southard
Virginia Strohmeyer-Miles, cago
Frederick Swann
Peter Sykes
†Clementine Miller Tangeman
Louise Temte, cago
Mark A. Thallander
Violet E. Thomas
James E. Thomashower
Ralph F. Tilden
Lois Z. Toeppner
†Martha Lee Cain Tranby
George E. Tutwiler
Kenneth L. Udy
Charles J. Updegraph
Paul Valente
Jeffrey J. Verkuilen, FAGO
†John T. Vernieu
Victoria L. Wagner
John C. Walker, fago
John Powel Walsh
†D. DeWitt Wasson, chm
†Marianne Webb
†William B. Weeks, aago
Nan and Stowell Werden
†Kathryn E. Weyand
†Henry White
Mina Belle Packer Wichmann
†Esther Cupps Wideman
†Charles T. Witmer
Elizabeth Hung Wong
Barclay F. Wood
Robert W. Woody
†M. Searle Wright, fago
†Gordon Young

Updated September 7, 2016

Membership in the Clarence Dickinson Society requires no minimum financial commitment. For more information about estate planning and wills, please contact:

F. Anthony Thurman
Director of Development and Communications
American Guild of Organists
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1260
New York, NY 10115