Secretary/Councillor for Communications

stutzMary Stutz
757-565-8927 (w)
757-220-2108 (h)


Editorial Resources Committee (ERC)

Alan Lewis, AAGO, Director
412-596-3282 (m)

Doug Cleveland, DSM
206-245-9583 (h)

Jeffrey D. Dexter, BM
330-345-4532 (h)
330-683-2274 (w)

Sandra Soderlund, DMA
510-524-2912 (h)

Committee on New Technology

Craig Stone, PhD, Director

Mark Biales

Mike Maiden

Keith Wannamaker, CAGO
650-210-6574 (h)

AGO Staff Support

Bill Valentine, Director of Information Technology & Digital Communications

Committee on Marketing

Preston L. Dibble, MM, Director
973-744-5650 (w)
724-316-2963 (c)

Nelson Dodge, MBA
818-468-9870 (W)

Linda Everhart, BA, BMus
412-894-1880 (w)
919-260-9877 (c)

Anne Laver, DMA
585-274-1564 (w)
585-469-4089 (c)

AGO Staff Support:
F. Anthony Thurman, DMA, Director of Development and Communications