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When you join the American Guild of Organists, you are joining a national organization of people who share a passion for the organ.  Full voting membership includes both national and chapter benefits.  There are more than 300 chapters located across the United States of America and abroad.  Joining a local chapter allows you to enjoy camaraderie with other organists in your local area, giving you the opportunity to celebrate the King of Instruments together.

There are three categories of full voting membership: Young Organists (29 and under), Regular (30-64), and Special (65 and over or disabled).   For each category, you can decide to receive The American Organist magazine in a printed format through the postal mail (TAO printed & online) or in a digital format through the national website (TAO online only).  The dues amount for each type of membership is listed below.

Chapter activities and benefits often include:

  • Local substitute lists so you can earn extra income by filling in for other chapter members
  • Chapter newsletters with news of local events and personal updates
  • Chapter Directories
  • Local recitals and other events

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Chapter Member Dues

Note: Figures in parentheses represents the portion of dues received by the national office (first) and the chapter (second).

TAO=The American Organist magazine

Regular-TAO Printed & Online: $105 (64/41)
Regular-TAO Online only: $97 (56/41)
Special-TAO Printed & Online: $80 (47/33)
Special-TAO Online Only: $72 (39/33)
Young Organist-TAO-Printed & Online: $50 (32/18)
Young Organist-TAO-Online Only: $42 (24/18)
Regular Dual*: $41 (0/41)
Special Dual*: $33 (0/33)
Young Organist Dual*: $18 (0/18)

*To be a Dual member of a second chapter you must be a Regular, Special, or Young Organist member of a primary chapter.

Chapter Friend dues vary from chapter to chapter. The amount will be displayed once you select a chapter.