Councillor for Conventions

Nicole Marane, DMA
678-429-7585 (w)

The Councillor for Conventions coordinates the work of the Guild in the area of Conventions and monitors all convention planning that is currently in process; Regional Conventions for 2019 and 2021 as well as National Conventions for  2018, and 2020. He is the Director of the Committee for Conventions, comprising former Regional and National Convention coordinators, whose task it is to oversee and approve planning, programming, and budgeting of all Regional and National Conventions of the Guild. The Committee also calls for and reviews bids from Chapters interested in hosting conventions, and ultimately makes recommendations to the National Council for their approval of locations for upcoming conventions.

Committee for Conventions (CFC)

This committee shall consist of at least two previous Coordinators of National Conventions and at least two previous Coordinators of Regional Conventions. In overseeing the biennial National Convention held in each even-numbered year, the committee reviews and recommends general policies and procedures, solicits bids from potential host Chapters, reviews the bids and makes site recommendations to the National Council, reviews and revises the National Convention Guidelines as necessary, works with the National Headquarters staff in supporting host Chapters, and serves as advisors and mentors to Steering Committees. In overseeing the seven Regional Conventions held in each odd-numbered year, the committee receives bids and makes recommendations to the National Council for potential host Chapters; hosts an orientation session for Regional Councillors and Regional Convention Coordinators in the fall, three years before each convention cycle; reviews and revises the Regional Convention Guidelines as necessary; works with the Executive Director to approve Regional Convention budgets and programs; and continues to assist Regional Councillors and host Chapters throughout the entire process of planning and holding the conventions.

Alicia J. Adams, JD
Lynn Bratney, SPC
H. Joseph Butler, DMA, AAGO
Nicole Marane, DMA
Kenna R. Payne
Wyatt D. Smith, DMA, CAGO