Ask the Organ Builder

The National Committee on Editorial Resources is working with TAO Editor Todd Sisley to launch a new Ask the Organbuilder/Technician column. Our hope is to provide an engaging and educational forum for fielding questions regarding pipe organ building and maintenance. We have assembled a panel from around the country – representing various styles and disciplines of the craft. Our panel members are:

· Andrew Gingery – C. B. Fisk, Inc.
· Charles Kegg – Kegg Organ Company
· Martin Pasi – Pasi Organbuilders
· David Storey – David M. Storey, Inc.
· Keith Williams – Buzard Pipe Organ Builders

We invite you to submit questions for our panelists using the form below.

Check back periodically to see when you can expect an answer to your question in a future TAO issue. 

Ask the Organbuilder