Guild Documents

pdf-large-typeNational Bylaws-Adopted April 13, 1896, and as amended through June 20, 2016  in Houston, Texas.

pdf-large-typeNational Operating Procedures

pdf-large-typeAGO Leadership Structure

pdf-large-typeCode of Ethics

pdf-large-typeCode of Professional Standards

AGO Past Present and Future Member Profile

Complete Survey Report
Survey Digest
Member Survey Report on Demographics, Communications & Training
Member Survey Report on Participation in Guild Offerings and Perceived Value of Membership
Member Survey Report on Members’ Professional Activity and Employment

Long-Range Planning Task Force Documents

Long Range Planning Task Force: General Conclusions and Action Recommendations
Long Range Planning Task Force: Statistical Analysis
Long Range Planning Task Force: General Comments
Long Range Planning Task Force: Comments for Committees

pdf-large-typePosition Statement on Pre-recorded Music

pdf-large-typeReport of the Task Force on Digital Inclusiveness

pdf-large-typeDirectory of Officials

pdf-large-typeResponsibilities of Elected and Appointed Officials

pdf-large-typeRegional Councillors Timeline

pdf-large-typeGuidelines for National Nominating Committees

pdf-large-typeGuidelines for Regional Nominating Committees

pdf-large-typeDigital Signature Form

pdf-large-typeTime Sheet

pdf-large-typeInstallation of Officers

pdf-large-typeTravel and Reimbursement Policies

pdf-large-typeRegional and District Officer Reimbursement

pdf-large-typeAGO Investment Policies Booklet

pdf-large-typeRegional and District Officer Reimbursement

Links to Additional Documents

Convention Planning Documents
Chapter Documents
Education Documents
Reorganization Documents
Leadership Training and Orientation Documents

AGO Seals

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