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National Bylaws, National Operating Procedures, AGO Leadership Structure, Code of Ethics, Code of Professional Standards, Policy Against Harassment, Harassment Report Form, AGO Discipline in Cases Regarding Sexual Harrassment
pdf-large-typeNational Bylaws-Adopted April 13, 1896, and as amended through June 16, 2020 by videoconference.

pdf-large-typeNational Operating Procedures

pdf-large-typeAGO Leadership Structure

pdf-large-typeCode of Ethics

pdf-large-typeCode of Professional Standards

Policy Against Harassment

Harassment Report Form

AGO Discipline in Cases Regarding Sexual Harassment


Financial Policies and Statements

pdf-large-typeAGO Investment Policies for Restricted and Unrestricted Funds

pdf-large-typeAudited Financials for Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 2017

pdf-large-typeAudited Financials for Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 2018

pdf-large-typeAudited Financials for Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 2019

Financial Statements through April 30, 2020


Antitrust Compliance

The AGO agreed to change its Code of Ethics, and will not adopt or encourage its Members to follow or enforce any Code of Ethics provision relating to limitations on competition by organists or choral conductors to provide services, including price competition, that does not comply with the FTC Decision and Order.

 FTC Settlement Statement

Federal Trade Commission Press Release May 26, 2017

Strategic Planning Survey 2019
AGO Past, Present and Future Member Profile
Long-Range Planning Task Force Documents
Links to Additional Documents

pdf-large-typePosition Statement on Pre-recorded Music

pdf-large-typeReport of the Task Force on Digital Inclusiveness

pdf-large-typeResponsibilities of Elected and Appointed Officials

pdf-large-typeRegional Councillors Timeline

pdf-large-typeGuidelines for National Nominating Committees

pdf-large-typeGuidelines for Regional Nominating Committees

pdf-large-typeAGO Acronyms in Common Usage

pdf-large-typeDigital Signature Form

pdf-large-typeTime Sheet

pdf-large-typeInstallation of Officers

pdf-large-typeTravel and Reimbursement Policies

pdf-large-typeRegional and District Officer Reimbursement

pdf-large-typeRegional and District Officer Reimbursement


National Convention Planning Documents
Regional Convention Planning Documents
Chapter Documents
Education Documents
Reorganization Documents
Leadership Training and Orientation Documents
Chapter Leader IRS Filing Resources

AGO Seal
AGO Logo (new in 2020)

Please note:  Logo files are password-protected and are available to all AGO leaders and authorized representatives.  Please call AGO Headquarters at 212-870-2310. 
Logo files for screens (digital screen display on web, email, video)
Logo files for ink printing (onto paper or other items for publication)
AGO Identity Style Guide