The New Organist

Welcome to the New Organist web page of the American Guild of Organists. The Committee on the New Organist uses it to provide answers to common questions and to offer resources for anyone learning about the organ.

A knowledgeable, enthusiastic community of organists and many more resources are available to you as an AGO member. Your local region and chapter of the AGO provides friendship, educational opportunities, concerts, scholarships, and much more. If you think you’d like to join and you want to talk with a someone about it, or if you have questions or need resources beyond what you find here, contact AGO National Headquarters at or 212-870-2310. Tell us your name, city, and contact information, and we’ll get and AGO member from your local area in touch with you.


How to find an organ teacher

neworganistPoe1There is no substitute for a knowledgeable, caring organ teacher helping you towards your goals. Ask for a qualified organ teacher – most piano teachers have little or no formal training on organ. You are looking for someone who has a degree or certificate in organ or equivalent. Here are some ideas for finding the right one for you:


Become part of an online community of organists.

The AGO Facebook group fosters a thriving community of musicians who share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ. Join to see what’s happening in the lives and thoughts of other organists worldwide, and maybe post something yourself!


AGO Events for New Organists

Pipe Organ Encounter – These are several-day summer events for young organists, young advanced organists, adult organists new to/or returning to playing the organ, and older teens and young adults interested in building and maintaining pipe organs.
January Jubilee – Single-day events for new organists.
Regional Convention – Conventions are great ways to meet other organists and to hear the organ at its best. The next national convention takes place in Seattle on July 3-7, 2022. Regional conventions are planned for summer 2023.
Consult the websites of AGO chapters near you for upcoming events.


Organ-related websites