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This section is designed to facilitate contact between buyers and sellers of goods and services that are of interest to AGO members and visitors to the AGO website. We invite you to use this new section as your primary medium to place or search for classified advertisements regarding pipe and electronic organs, publications, recordings or any other category of items that would be of interest to the community of professional organists. Submit your classified ad here. Job Postings are not placed in this area—see Positions Available.

Pipe Organs

Hofmann Organ pipe  classifiedHofmann Tracker Organ for sale
21 ranks (15 voices, 19 stops) tracker action pipe organ, 2 manuals with full AGO pedalboard. The organ was designed and built by Texas organbuilder, Otto Hofmann, in early 1964. The organ has been in continuous use since that time.  The organ is located at 777 North Fourth Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 (Bethlehem Lutheran Church). It is in excellent condition and may be viewed in its gallery location at the church. The congregation wishes to have the organ moved as soon as possible. HAUPTWERK SCHWELLWERK PEDALWERK Prestant 8′, Rohrflote 8′, Untersatz 16′, Gedecht 8′ Gemshorn 8′ Gedecht 8′, Oktav Principal 4′, Spitzflote 4′, Choralbass 4′, Mixture IV Prinzipal 2′ Fagott 16′, Spanische Trompete Sesquialtera II Haupt to Ped, ll-Haupt Scharff III Schwell to Ped, Tremulant and Zimbelstern. Price: Contact us with your proposal. Dismantlement, preparation for shipment, shipment to new location are the purchaser’s responsibility. Contact: W. Chris Richter ( 409-842-4301 or 409-735-3660. (posted 7/13/2015)


Gress-Miles organ classified adGress-Miles Pipe Organ
Gress-Miles (1971), tonally refinished 1982 with various alterations over the years. Approximately 13 ranks, and more versatile than it appears on paper. Fully functional and ready to move late 2015 in preparation for Juget-Sinclair opus 45. Introductory video: or search “Gress Miles Pipe Organ for Sale” on youtube. Brief specification / / Full specification and measurements in the “current instrument” section of All inquiries are welcome: Price negotiable. (posted 6/16/2015)

Reuter classified adReuter 3-rank/2 manual for home/chapel
Late AGO elder’s home pipe organ started as Reuter Opus #389, rebuilt 1989 as 3-rank, 2 manual, full AGO pedalboard. Fits under 8-foot ceiling. GREAT: 8 Bourdon, 8 Salicional TC, 4 Prestant, 4 Houlzbourdon, 2 Fifteenth | SWELL: 8 Gedeckt, 8 Salicional TC, 4 Klein Gedeckt, 4 Violine, 2 2/3 Holzquint, 2 Waldflute | PEDAL: 8 Bourdon, 4 Choralbass, 2 Principal [3 ranks; 200 pipes; 14 stops].Organ in Kansas City, MO. Insurance listed replacement value $37,000. Available for WAY less. Buyer responsible for disassembly, removal, transport and reassembly. Seller can refer buyer to qualified help for disassembly and if reasonable distance, reassembly. Contact son (Tenn.): (posted 5/27/2015)

Pipe Organs For Sale
M.P Moller , Opus 9934 – Former Chapel Organ of Central Moravian, Bethlehem Penn. with 2 manuals/ 4 ranks – complete instrument, casework, blower, split swell.  M.P Moller, Opus 4496 – Formerly in the Allentown Theatre; pipework, winding, shades and engines, percussion.  Samuel Bohler – 1890’s Pennsylvania builder, perfect mechanical condition; 2 manuals/8 ranks with complete and functioning mechanics, requires new casework.  (posted 5/26/2015)

Electronic Organs

$47,500 (firm) for a 3 manual 50 stop Quantum technology-based Diane Bish Signature Series Model DB-350 classical organ with a deep cherry finish and custom high-gloss accents. The organ was delivered in January of 2010, is in a very clean environment and is in excellent condition. INCLUDED: 14 separate digital audio channels; two (2) SR-5 Seismic Sub Bass Speaker Cabinets; eight (8) HR-100 Speaker Cabinets; and four (4) HR-50 Speaker Cabinets. It also includes Allen’s Acoustic Portrait system and seven Stoplist Library including suites with Classic Allen, English (Henry Willis), Cavaille-Coll, Schlicker, Arp Schnitger, Aeolian-Skinner, and an orchestral instruments suite. The Midi Assistant allows an organist to capture/play back performances, and store them on a USB stick. FOB ORIGIN. Purchaser is responsible for moving/installation. Seller can refer buyer to two factory authorized Allen Organ dealers in southern California who can quote assistance with installation and setup at the organ’s new home. MORE INSTALLATION PHOTOS: Contact: (posted 7/27/15)

Compact Organ
For sale or donation to a not-for-profit organization; 2/7 plus + chimes 1929 theater organ built by the Schaffer organ Co. of Springer, WI. This compact organ was rewried in 1985 with a Peterson solid state relay and coupler system and includes the original 7” w.p. blower. The organ is available for audition in Highland Park, IL. Receiver must remove and transport. Fred Putz 847-433-3439, (posted 6/15/2015)


Hammond classifiedHammond B3 Organ w/Leslie 122 Speaker.
A Hammond Rhythm II Box is also included with this organ. The organ is in exceptional condition and is in good working order, showing very little wear. Excellent key return function. It was professionally inspected and is stored in a humidity controlled room.  Price is $8500. Contact: or phone 330-440-4369. (posted 6/15/2015)



Harpsichord classified adHarpsichord for Sale
German double-manual harpsichord after Gräbner (Dresden 1774) made by Yves Beaupré in 1994. 2×8′, 1×4′, buff. Shove coupler. Historical tapered tuning pins, quality wooden jacks, Delrin plectra. Plays at A=392/415/440. Mahogany casework, Louis XV trestle stand with detachable cabriole legs. Includes quilted cover, lid stick and two music desks (one extra-wide for placing multiple sheets side-by-side). A marvelous instrument for the high and late Baroque repertoire. Long bass strings provide a wonderful tenor/bass sonority. Asking price: $22,000 US. Shipping extra. For full information, including photos and contact, visit our web site. (posted 7/6/2015)


Babel LogoOrganists Are Welcome!
Doyon Virtual Organs, in Dover, DE, features a 30-seat recital hall and a 15-seat indoor dining area, housing a conventional 4-manual console with 140 stops and couplers, 80 thumb pistons, 25 toe pistons, and 4 expression shoes. Powered by Hauptwerk software, one can play a recital using any of 10 large sample sets – including Hereford, Caen, Metz,Doesburg, Rotterdam, St. Bavo, Skinner, Paramount and others. A USB drive with your MIDI recordings and performance video will be provided. Our summer and fall schedule is filling fast. Call (302) 270-0859 and make your reservation for a day of rewarding experience. Small groups are welcome. Visit us at (posted 6/19/2015)


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