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Pipe Organs

Holtkamp “Martini” Practice Organ
Built circa 1965 and in good condition despite heavy usage by Cleveland Institute of Music students. Dimensions: 61”deep x 133”wide x 106”tall. Five ranks of pipes. $4,500 as-is (buyer pick-up) or $18,000 for us to install it (plus mileage). Although not necessary, the leather is old enough that it would be economically wise to releather the instrument while it’s in our shop. This would restore it to like-new condition. Adding that work brings the cost to $30,000. Email for more information. (posted 4/25/17)

Estey Pump Organ
Beautiful, Old, J. Estey & Co. pump organ (1880s-1990s) will add lots of charm to the “Old Homestead”. Located in the Historic Town of Washington, NH. Played by my father and has been in the family for many years. Needs a new loving home. In great working condition. Everything, including the wood (I believe to be mahogany) and the finish, is in excellent condition. Just the cloth on the foot pedals need replacing. Its dimensions are (24″ in depth x 45″ in width x 72″ in height). You’ll need to come and pick it up; two people can carry and load it, and I can help. $400 is very reasonably priced, OBRO, cash only. Feel free to come by to check out and play. Call 603-495-3429 or Email. (posted 4/17/17)

Allen-Moller Digital/Pipe Combo Organ
Beautiful 2000 Allen-Moller Renaissance R330 custom voiced digital-pipe combo. Residence. Massive Moller M walnut/red oak console, last one available. 3 manuals, 72 walnut drawknob stops, pedal naturals maple, manual and pedal sharps walnut. 60 voices + Vista and MDS midi expanders for add 12 voices. Cymbelstern. 14 speakers incl exhilarating antiphonal State Trumpet/Tuba with dedicated amp/speakers. 3 subs incl monster Legacy sub – shakes foundation with 32′ Bourdon. Gorgeous 7 rank Positive pipe division by Organ Supply Industries, In. incl 8′ wood stopped Coppelflote, 4′ Flote, 2′ Okt, III Zimbel with decorative casing and Allen HCPD midi-pipe interphace. Also, additional 4′ pipe antiph façade. Instrument perfect for small to medium church. Pristine. Buyer to remove. Must see and hear to appreciate. Sacrifice at $85K (purchase $200K/ replace $250K). Call 770-889-0414 (in Atlanta) or Email. (posted 4/21/2017)

1965 Holtkamp Pipe Organ For Sale Opus #1793
Penn State University is selling a 1965 Holtkamp Pipe Organ Opus #1793, 28 Stops, 37 Ranks. The organ is located on the Penn State University Main Campus in University Park, PA. It is being sold through an auction style listing on The organ is in great condition and consists of 2 manuals and pedal with 1967 pipes. The action of the instrument is electro pneumatic. The Holtkamp organ was completely overhauled by the company, S.D.G. Pipe Organs, in 2005. The overhaul included cleaning of all of the pipework, re-leathering of all of the instrument’s mechanical components, installation of a 99 memory level solid state combination action and a complete rewiring of the instrument in compliance with the National Electrical Code protocol for pipe organs. This renovation substantially increased the number of manual pistons and toestuds. Please see our GovDeals listing for more pictures and information. Buyer would be responsible for all removal costs. For questions or more information contact Denise Flack at 814-865-4371 or Email. (Posted 4/10/2017)

Zimmer Pipe Organ, Op. 138 Free
Located at the Akers Auditorium on the Asbury University campus in Wilmore, KY. This 3-manual, 45 rank pipe organ was built in 1974 by Zimmer Organs, of Denver, North Carolina.  Good condition. Free to a good home;  recipient pays dis-assembly and moving costs. DIMENSIONS OF CHAMBER:  Height of chamber 17’, Width of chamber18’ 10 “, and Depth of chamber 9’ 12.” DIMENSIONS OF CONSOLE: Height 4’ 6”, Depth 4’ 6”, Width 4’ 11.” For more information, contact Dr. Vicki Bell – Email. (posted 3/8/2017)

M. P. Moller Organ
1-manual, 6-rank, tracker-action pipe organ built by M. P. Moller, Hagerstown, Maryland in 1902. 61-note manual, 30-note flat pedal board.  Manual: Melodia 8’, Unison Bass 8’, Dulciana 8’, Open Diapason 8’, Principal 4’, Principal 2’, Tremolo. Pedal: Manual to Pedal Coupler, Bourdon 16’. Dimensions: 9’ deep (including pedal board and 6” for bench) x 9’3” wide (including blower motor) x 14’1” peak height. Moved from Cambridge, Maryland, refurbished and installed in 1991 at Community of Christ, Baltimore/Dundalk, Maryland, by David M. Storey, Organ Technician where it now stands. Excellent finish and function. $10,000. Buyer pays dis-assembly and moving costs. For more information, contact Patty Ballinger, 410-877-3528 or Email. (posted 2/21/17)

30-rank Casavant – Létourneau Pipe Organ
Orgues Létourneau is offering a 30-stop pipe organ rebuilt to like-new condition for USD$550,000; includes a 10-year warranty. The core will be Casavant’s Opus 1274 from 1928 with electro-pneumatic wind chests; the revised specification can incorporate up to five new stops built by Létourneau. Installation costs, on-site voicing, an allowance for casework in red oak, a rebuilt two-manual solid-state console, and a ten-year warranty are included. Transportation from Québec is not included. The organ requires approximately 360 sq. ft. with 20’ ceiling for 16’ ranks. For more details, visit Letourneau Organs, Email, or call Andrew Forrest at 450-774-2698. (posted 4/21/17)

43-rank Casavant – Létourneau pipe organ
Orgues Létourneau is offering a 43-stop pipe organ rebuilt to like-new condition with a 10-year warranty for USD$839,000.  The core is Casavant’s Opus 2295 from 1955 with electro-pneumatic wind chests; the revised specification can incorporate up to eighteen new stops built by Létourneau.  Installation costs, on-site voicing, an allowance for casework in red oak, a rebuilt three-manual solid-state console, and a ten-year warranty are included.  Transportation from Québec is not included.  The organ requires approximately 500 sq. ft. with 20’ ceiling for 16’ ranks.  For more details, visit Letourneau Organs, Email, or call Andrew Forrest at 450-774-2698. (posted 4/21/17)

54-rank Casavant – Létourneau pipe organ
Orgues Létourneau is offering a 50-stop rebuilt pipe organ in like-new condition for USD$949,000; includes a 10-year warranty.  The core is Casavant’s Opus 2518 from 1959 with electro-pneumatic wind chests; the revised specification can incorporate up to sixteen new stops built by Létourneau.  Installation costs, on-site voicing, an allowance for casework in red oak, a rebuilt three-manual solid-state console, and a ten-year warranty are included.  Transportation from Québec is not included.  This organ requires approximately 570 sq. ft. with 20’ ceiling for 16’ ranks.  For more details, visit Letourneau Organs, Email, or call Andrew Forrest at 450-774-2698. (posted 4/21/17)

Saville Organ Complete, Needs Work
I have a complete 3-manual Saville organ that was originally installed in a church in Toledo, Ohio in the ’60s. I have owned it since 1983. I am interested in selling it complete. Besides the console there is a bench, 15 speaker cabinets with two 12″ speakers each, 2 speaker cabinets with eight 12″ speakers each, and a large cabinet full of circuit boards. It played well when I bought it, except for the antiphonal section that had some electronic problems. Since then I have moved into another house. The organ has not been played since about 2000. It does have some electronic issues, I do not know what. I am interested in selling it complete, rather than ‘parting it out’. Any reasonable offer will be accepted. Please contact me at this email. (posted 2/7/2017)

Holtkamp Pipe Organ For Sale
Vintage 2 manual electro-pneumatic Holtkamp organ with ventil windchests and three secondary electro-pneumatic chests for show pipes and pedal pipes. One splendid feature is that all 600 wires from the console to the couplers/relays and chests can be connected and disconnected with ten 60 pin connectors at the console. The 500 pipes represent seven ranks including a 122 pipe Sesqui Altera.  Having put this organ back together and then moving it and re-installing it (thankfully after I had made the console connection problem blissful) I am reluctant to just give it away so I look forward to a reasonable offer. The pictures on the site below show it being prepared to be moved into storage in Cleveland, Ohio. See the complete story, pictures, and an audio file demonstrating its capabilities. Email. (posted 2/6/2017)


Electronic Organs

Conn Theatre Organ Free
We have a Conn Theatre Organ that appears to be in good shape, only gently used, and lovingly cared for. The organ is located in suburban Detroit Michigan, and you will have to arrange transport. Please contact Tom at 248- 639-8590 or Email. (posted 4/6/2017)


Hardman Studio Wurlitzer Free
Recently restored 4/38 Hardman Studio Wurlitzer is available for donation to a responsible tax-exempt organization having an appropriate acoustical environment where it can be seen, played, and heard in concert on a regular basis, and where proper security, long term care and maintenance are assured.  We are actively searching for the next home for this instrument and  welcome your thoughts and ideas. Timing is not critical.  Contact Jack Hardman: Tel: 703-759-5281 or 703-678-5281; Email. (posted 2/28/2017)

Instruments and Other Items

Three Classic MIDIWorks Swell Shoes ($75 ea)
Three used midi organ swell shoes with mounting brackets. Purchased new from Classic MIDIWorks five years ago for $250 each. Asking $75 plus shipping (or best offer). Located in New York City. Email (posted 3/22/2017)

Music Collection – free!
Burke Presbyterian Church (Burke, Va.), has a number of songbooks and music collections that we no longer use.  There are more than 200 copies of The Faith We Sing (United Methodist hymnal supplement) among other items. Contact Email.

David Liebe Hart – Music
David Liebe Hart, musician and organist, is selling a large selection of his organ music including hymns and songs. Visit his website, Spotify, or Google Play. Contact Email or 213-2422-4599. (posted 3/16/2017)

Etudes Music Magazines – free!
The Historical Society of Ocean Grove, NJ is in possession of many copies of Etudes Music Magazine dating from 1889 through 1950’s. We do not have all the issues. More information: Email. (posted 2/17/17)

Dowd Harpsichord
1972 Double Manual French Harpsichord after 1790 Taskin- Paris; Range FF-g3. 2 x 8″, 1 x 4′, peau de buff stop, buff stop, and solid walnut case. View the harpsichord. Contact (posted 1/10/2017)


sb-squarelogo-150pxDiction Resources for Choirs
To sing is to communicate. gives musicians the diction tools to be expressive and communicative in the meaning and pronunciation of texts found in oratorios, secular and sacred choral music, cantatas, art songs, and song cycles. Languages include American English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin (Ecclesiastical, Germanic & Gallic), Church Slavonic and Russian. BabelGuides feature diction specialists/native speakers reciting the text in poetic and slow versions, while the original text, word-for-word translation, and International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Guide scrolls by, in an innovative MP4 format. Affordable individual, institutional, and ensemble subscriptions are available through the Subscriber Library. Works are also available for individual purchase in the Online Store. (posted 12/8/2016)



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Jean-Baptiste Robin announces the publication of three Debussy transcriptions for organ.
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, RCCO Exam Chairman, offers online lessons in melody writing, harmony, counterpoint.
Orgelkids is an educational pipe organ curriculum and kit that complements AGO’s outreach programs.
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