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This section is designed to facilitate contact between buyers and sellers of goods and services that are of interest to AGO members and visitors to the AGO website. We also post announcements of special interest. We invite you to use this new section as your primary medium for classified advertisements regarding pipe and electronic organs, publications, recordings or any other category of items that would be of interest to the community of professional organists. Submit your classified ad here. Job Postings are not placed in this area—see Positions Available.

Pipe Organs

Tracker classifiedTracker Organ for Sale
A fine one manual tracker action built by Hook & Hastings of Boston as their opus 1424 of 1889. The organ is freestanding in a case of walnut with the original paint on facade pipes . All components of the instrument have been restored within OHS guide lines. May be played and inspected near Lake City, Florida. F.O.B. $30,000. For more information: (posted 5/2/2016)

Console-Aeolian-Skinner-1071Aeolian-Skinner time sensitive sale – will consider best offer
Aeolian-Skinner, Opus 1071 for sale. G. Donald Harrison, 3 manuals, 37 stops, 35 ranks, 2,134 pipes. Completely updated and exquisitely finished console. The organ is located in Portland, Oregon. For more information, contact JoAnn Cox at or 281-444-4148. (posted 4/15/2016)


PackardClassic Packard Pump Organ
This organ was built in 1889 in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a church in Lisbon Falls, Maine. In the 50’s the church decided to install a new electric organ, and my dad acquired the Packard. It is a beautiful piece of furniture. It was electrified in the 50’s  because the bellows had deteriorated, but the sound was not affected. There is one stop that doesn’t work, and a few of the ivories are chipped on the ends. A round turnstyle stool comes with the organ. The asking price is $250, plus shipping from Lakeland, Florida. It is approximately 56″ in height and width and has a depth of 30.” For more information, contact Brian Fortin  at or 863-510-5036. (posted 3/21/2016)

Estey pump organEstey Pump Organ
Great old, early Estey pump organ (1880s to 1890s) manufactured in Burlington, Vermont. My father used to play, but now it needs a new caring home. Has a wonderful sound and would look good in the right home. Appears to be in, and has been in, good working order. You are welcome to come by and try it out before deciding. I’m trying to get $400/or best offer. You pickup or arrange for shipping. Can help to load if needed. Hoping to find it a good place. Located in Washington, New Hampshire. Ask for Christopher at 603-495-3429 or between 5am and 6pm. (posted 3/2/2016)

Rieger TrackerRieger Tracker Organ
12 Stop Rieger, a charming instrument presently enhancing worship, needs a good, caring home. Calvary Lutheran Church, Ft. Worth, Texas This 70’s masterwork of Josef von Glatter-Götz (the younger) is being replaced by a larger tracker. Dimensions 9’H x 12’W x 10’D.  Price negotiable. Contact Viktor Andersson, Director of Worship & Music, 817-284-8724 ext. 33 or (posted 3/1/2016)


Electronic Organs

Wicks-Organ classifiedAtonement Lutheran Church of Orlando, FL has closed and would like to find a home for our Wicks 3 manual digital pipe organ. The organ is a Wicks Pipe/Digital Combination Classic Organ that includes the bench, AGO pedal board and 3 manual custom console. The Wicks Organ is the model Beckmeyer and has seven ranks of windblown pipes. A moveable platform is included. All equipment for the instrument is located within the case, also provided, to include the pipes, chests, blower, digital system, sound reinforcement system and items necessary for the function and playing of the instrument. A digital sound module is included, the Wicks CM 100. This unit provides pipe tones and has twelve active stops. The pipe sounds of the CM100 can be directed within the case and in an antiphonal location. The Wicks Pipe Organ is designated by the Wicks Pipe Organ Company as Opus 6356. The Walker Technical Paradox System is #00030. Installed in 2009. The price is $120,000. For a stop list, email and StopList in the subject line. For an appointment to see the organ or for more information, email Barbara Shaner at 4/18/2016)

Rialto-II classifiedGulbransen Rialto II
I have a Gulbransen Rialto II that is looking for a good home. It is in working condition. The motor hums when it is on. The chest and pedals are in perfect condition. Word to the wise—it is very heavy. Price is $250, and the buyer will move the organ now located in Denver, CO.  Contact (posted 3/28/2016)


conn1964 Conn Organ (free)
The organ is in good condition and comes with a bench. One key does not work, but otherwise the organ is clean, beautiful and ready to make your music experience awesome!! Located in Bergen County NJ. You must pick up. Contact Debbie, (posted 3/14/2016)


Allen Classified

2005 Four-manual Allen Custom Quantum Organ needs new home
89-speaking stop Allen Custom organ installed in large church auditorium Fall 2005, used until 2009 when church took a “different path.” In 2009, organ console was removed from sanctuary and placed in storage. Sad, but true. I took possession of the instrument, lock-stock-and-barrel, Fall 2015 and would like to find new home for this magnificent custom-Allen as soon as possible.  Asking price $135K,  however, it is understood that you must consider delivery/installation costs. Therefore, I am open to reasonable discussion concerning your budget needs. Do keep in mind that if built today, the organ would be in $220-230K budget range. Call Brad (706) 868-5151 for more info, or for appointment to inspect/ play. Also visit for more pics, complete specs, audio info and much, much more. I am happy to consult with your local Allen Organ representative, and cooperate fully in any way possible to make the installation successful.  You may also reach me by e-mail at, Brad Cunningham, Allen Organ Studio of Augusta, Ga. (posted 3/8/2016)

Baldwin Electronic Organ, Model 10A
Free used Baldwin Electronic organ, Model 10A, a complete and comprehensive organ. Specifications include 32 independent stops (including a 3-rand mixture), 10 couplers, separate tremolos for each manual as well as 3 over-all vibratos, double expression, register crescendo pedal and 10 completely adjustable combinations pistons. ‘ With these features, the musical variety and tonal responsiveness of this model are virtually unlimited.’ Large capacity for religious organization or performance space.  Pedal clavier and bench included.  Walnut finish.”  Good condition and wonderful sound.  Bought new and used in a large synagogue that  needs to replace this model because of space limitations after a major renovation. Will donate, preferably to a religious or sectarian organization, student, school or teacher. More information: (posted 2/22/2016)


Sheet Music Collection
I am looking for a new home for my collection of sheet music that I have played throughout my career as an organist. Presently located in New Hampshire, there is a lot of Lorenz Publishing pieces and of course Bach.  Contact M. DeWolf at (posted 5/3/2016)

Religious Music Guild
Looking for sheet music published by the Religious Music Guild in the 1950’s and 1960’s by John Redmond. Contact for my want list or to inquire. Fair price paid. (posted 3/1/2016)




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Toulouse International Organ Festival Toulouse les Orgues October 6-16, 2016
Eastman (EROI) Breath for Singing: The Organ and the Human Voice October 26-28, 2016
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