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This section is designed to facilitate contact between buyers and sellers of goods and services that are of interest to AGO members and visitors to the AGO website. We also post announcements of special interest. We invite you to use this new section as your primary medium for classified advertisements regarding pipe and electronic organs, publications, recordings or any other category of items that would be of interest to the community of professional organists. Submit your classified ad here.

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Pipe Organs

26-rank Casavant – Létourneau pipe organ for sale
Orgues Létourneau is offering a 22-stop Casavant Frères pipe organ (Opus 1274 from 1928) for sale. This electro-pneumatic instrument was rebuilt by Létourneau in 1987 and is currently in storage at the Létourneau shops.  It is available for purchase in “as is” condition for USD $35,000 with its original two-manual console.  Likewise, Létourneau would be pleased to provide a proposal to rebuild this instrument, taking into account any desired changes to the stop list as well as installation costs, voicing, casework as required, and rebuilding the two-manual console with a new solid-state switching system.  The organ requires approximately 360 sq. ft. with 20’ ceiling for 16’ ranks. For more details, visit the Létourneau website, Email, or call Andrew Forrest at 450-774-2698. (posted 3/28/2018)

1863 Jardine Pipe Organ
Two manual tracker pipe organ built in 1863 by Jardine & Son of New York, N. Y.. The organ has 11 ranks and a case of oak-grained pine with attached keydesk, mahogany jambs and music rack. Already disassembled, crated and ready for pick-up in Pittsburgh, PA. Hear actual organ on You-tube by searching “1863 Jardine.” Asking price is $10,000 or BEST OFFER. Email for stoplist or call 724-504-0493 for additional information. (posted 2/26/2018)

1947 Moller Organ
Three manuals, 4 divisions, 29 stops, 21 registers, 24 ranks, 1586 pipes; Moller Electro-pneumatic unit action wind chests. The organ was professionally removed from Eastern Baptist/Palmer Theological Seminary and is presently stored in Stowe, PA. For additional information, price, or photos please contact us at (610) 341-1490 or Email. (posted 3/21/2018)


Electronic Organs

Rodgers 905B
Three manual Rodgers 905B electronic organ for sale with 6 standard and two subwoofer speakers. Built in 1999 and most internal boards replaced in 2009. New keyboards installed and recently new foot pedal felts and power switch. Is in excellent condition and meticulously maintained by a recently deceased organist of 65 years. Bought for 32.5K in ’99. Offered now for $15K, plus you pay moving expense from San Clemente, California.
Please contact me at: Email (posted 4/2/2018)

3 Manual Saville Organ (free)
FREE – last chance… you remove from my home located in north-central Ohio. Circa 1970s 3-manual Saville organ. I bought this from a church in Toledo, Ohio in 1983 & installed it in my home. Everything operated normally but after a number of years I eventually began experiencing electrical issues, primarily with the main amplifier (to the best of my knowledge). I am now living in a different residence and need this instrument removed. In addition to the console pictured are a large electronics cabinet, 15 speaker housings with two 12″ speakers each, plus 2 speaker housings with eight 12″ speakers each. Also included is all the requisite wiring, the main amp, etc. I also have a number of Saville electrical schematics. The organ console sits on a loft 32″ above the first floor of my home, so a lift of some sort will be necessary to remove it. First person to remove it from my home gets it. Tel:  419-310-1196.  Email (posted 3/1/2018)



sb-squarelogo-150pxDiction Resources for Choirs
To sing is to communicate. gives musicians the diction tools to be expressive and communicative in the meaning and pronunciation of texts found in oratorios, secular and sacred choral music, cantatas, art songs, and song cycles. Languages include American English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin (Ecclesiastical, Germanic & Gallic), Church Slavonic and Russian. BabelGuides feature diction specialists/native speakers reciting the text in poetic and slow versions, while the original text, word-for-word translation, and International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Guide scrolls by, in an innovative MP4 format. Affordable individual, institutional, and ensemble subscriptions are available through the Subscriber Library. Works are also available for individual purchase in the Online Store. (posted 3/1/2018)


David Liebe Hart
The famous, organist, soloist, and songwriter, David Liebe Hart has created a large collection of his music which is now available for sale ($60). The collection includes hymns and original compositions. His music is currently available on Google Play, Spotify, and CD Baby. His work is registered at CCLI. Tele: 213-422-4599 or write David Liebe Hart, 3918 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90004. (posted 1/13/2018)



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David Cameron
, RCCO Exam Chairman, offers online lessons in melody writing, harmony, counterpoint.
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