Educational Resources

Welcome to the Educational Resources web page of the American Guild of Organists. The educational resources accessible from this page have been developed over the years. They cover a wide range of practical topics useful to beginning organists, church musicians and AGO members. The emphasis is on content not otherwise readily available through non-AGO sources. You will find video recordings of AGO convention workshops,  downloadable documents covering a wide range of topics, as well as links for repertoire, registration, and organ history and design.

New! Lessons for the New Organist

The AGO Committee on Continuing Professional Education has just produced a series of 30 videos entitled Lessons for the New Organist. It often happens that pianists are asked by their congregation to play the organ, and these videos were developed to help new organists acquire basic skills and techniques as quickly as possible.  Each video lesson is 2 to 7 minutes long, and there is a wide variety of topics from shoes to bench height, stops, registrations, and basic pedaling. You will find additional educational videos on the New Organist Page, where several young organists answer common questions about the organ.

A Mini-Course in Basic Organ Registration

The material included in  this AGO educational resource was prepared specifically for the beginning organist and covers only basic information. Access the online version including the musical examples.

Accompaniment Adaptation Practicum

Explore how you can non-organ accompaniments to the organ in this AGO educational resource. Access the online version including the musical examples.

AGO Videos online

All of the AGO videos including the Master Series, Pulling Out all the Stops, as well as several past convention workshops can be viewed online in their entirety.


Downloadable Documents

pdf-large-typeManual of Procedure for the Service Playing Test

pdf-large-typeManual of Procedure for the Colleague Examination

pdf-large-typeManual of Procedure for the Associate and Fellowship Examination

pdf-icon-40pxSelected Repertoire for Organ and Orchestra, compiled by Michael Barone

pdf-icon-40pxModern Editions of Early French Organ Music

pdf-icon-40pxAGO Certification. A chapter guide for promotion, preparation, and participation. (Under revision)

pdf-icon-40pxCertification Requirements

pdf-icon-40pxAGO Bibliography for Exam Preparation

pdf-icon-30pxWedding Policy: A Guide for Churches and Synagogues

pdf-icon-40pxAGO Wedding Repertoire List

pdf-icon-40pxPipe Up! Let it Resound!An Introduction to the Pipe Organ booklet for Pre-School through Grade 5.

pdf-icon-40pxChapter Outreach

pdf-icon-40pxPOE Handbook (currently being updated – please check back here on October 17, 2019)

pdf-icon-40pxPedals, Pipes, and Pizza


pdf-icon-40pxThe Challenge Teaching the Organ to Youth

pdf-icon-40pxThe Examinations and Academic Regalia of the American Guild of Organists by Agnes Armstrong, first published in The American Organist, July 1996

Organ Repertoire Lists
Graded Repertoire Documents
Organ History and Design