POE Advanced


The Pipe Organ Encounter Advanced

  • Is a 5-6 day event organized by a local AGO chapter under the sponsorship of the national organization. It provides a higher level of pipe organ instruction and intense course study.
  • Is for students aged 13-18, who have achieved a high level of success in organ study. They must submit an audition recording and other supporting materials in order to apply to the POEA.
  • Provides an opportunity for students to have individual instruction in pipe organ technique and performance with an artist faculty.
  • Provides intermediate to advanced classes in areas such as organ literature, history, pipe organ construction and design, music theory, improvisation, conducting, and service playing.
  • Most of all, provides a unique opportunity for participants to meet and interact with peers who have similar interests.

2015 Pipe Organ Encounter (Advanced)

June 14-19, 2015

University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma
Adam Pajan
412 Summit Hill Rd.
Norman, Oklahoma 73071
Southern Plains POEA Website

Southern Plains POEA Online Application Form

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Pipe Organ Encounter Scholarship Assistance

Limited scholarship aid is available to cover full or partial registration fee for attending a POE. Scholarship applications are reviewed monthly beginning in February.  The application asks questions of both the student and her/his parent(s) and also requires a letter of recommendation from the student’s organ or piano teacher. Both forms must be submitted before the POE Scholarship Committee can review a student application. The application deadline is April 15, 2015 (12:00 midnight the close of that day).  Scholarship awards are based on financial need.  Please click below to access each form.

POE Student Scholarship Application Form 2015
POE Teacher Recommendation Form 2015

Pipe Organ Encounters is an educational outreach program of the American Guild of Organists. Major funding for Pipe Organ Encounters is provided by the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America. Additional support is provided by the American Institute of Organbuilders and the Jordan Organ Endowment. Permanently endowed AGO scholarships are provided in memory of Charlene Brice Alexander, Robert S. Baker, Seth Bingham, Michael Cohen, Virgil Fox, Clarence Dickinson, Philip Hahn, Charles N. Henderson, Alfred E. Lunsford, Ruth Milliken, Ned Siebert, and Martin M. Wick; and in honor of Anthony Baglivi, Philip E. Baker, Gordon and Naomi Rowley, Fred Swann, Morgan and Mary Simmons, and the Leupold Foundation.