Jean Langlais Remembered

The American Guild of Organists is pleased to announce the publication of Jean Langlais Remembered, a monograph by Marie-Louise Langlais (Foreword by James David Christie) available exclusively in electronic form on the AGO website.

This gift to the AGO is made in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Jean Langlais’s death on May 8, 1991.

Jean Langlais Remembered contains 11 chapters devoted to his life and musical career, 64 illustrations, and a chronological catalogue of his works.

“Jean Langlais was deeply attached to America and to Americans,” stated Marie-Louise Langlais. “This is why I hope this book appears on the internet for free, with open access to all, through the AGO, in recognition of the extraordinary work of this great Association, which has for so long assisted, supported, and enhanced the work of all church musicians. Jean Langlais Remembered is thus a tribute to the AGO, a tribute that I am sure that Jean Langlais himself would have applauded.”

AGO President John Walker, FAGO, added “We are deeply grateful to Mme. Langlais for her generous offer to the AGO for publication of this primary-source musicological document on our website.”

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  1. Dear Marie-Luise, thank you and to the AGO so much for this wonderfull publication about Jean Langlais, one of the great visionary composer and organist of the 20th century. The first contact with him personally and his wonderful music was in an organ concert in Bayreuth during my studies. Since that time until today I have been fascinated his music continuously.

  2. Maurizio Machella says:

    This is a wonderful Gift!!! Thank you Madame Langlais and the AGO. ?

  3. Meredith E. Baker says:

    Charles Dodsley Walker was a great friend of Langlois’. When I was assistant organist at Heavenly Rest a LONG time ago, Maître Langlais and Marie-Louis came to present a recital. At the conclusion he presented me with the score of his Duplum that they had played – and he autographed many of my scores of his works. What a fabulous experience! Merci, Mme Langlais!

  4. Thank you very much to Madame Marie-Louise Jacquet-Langlais for this wonderful gift.

  5. Linda Wilberger Egan says:

    This publication is an extraordinary gift and resource to those of us who play and love Langlais’ compositions. Thank you to all for the extensive work which was required to bring it to fruition.

  6. Jeffrey Mills says:

    What a wonderful gift this publication is! Thanks to Mme Langlais and to the AGO for making it widely available. I had the privilege to play for M Langlais in two master classes while still a high school student.

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