AGO Achievement Awards

The AGO Achievement Awards are a great way to learn basic organ-playing skills, to fill in your existing skillset, to start on the road to AGO Certification, to structure organ teaching, and to get involved in the chapter.

Current Achievement Awards:

Choose an Achievement Award that interests you and then contact your chapter. This program is free for AGO members. Join us if you haven’t already! The chapter then appoints a qualified mentor who volunteers his/her time and energy to help you throughout the process. You will prepare a single-page list of requirements (follow the links above) on your own or with the help of the mentor, a teacher, a chapter member, or friend.

The requirements can be completed at any time during one or more appointments with the mentor, who keeps track as each item is completed. After all requirements are met, you are recognized and presented with the certificate during a chapter event.

Choose one, print the Requirements and Candidate Record, contact your chapter, and start learning!

Chapter leaders (and anyone who wants to spread the news of the new Achievement Award program), click here for a downloadable flyer that can be inserted into newsletters, sent out as an email attachment, or printed and distributed.

Click here for instructions for the chapter/mentor and for the candidate.