AGO Achievement Awards–Chapter and Mentor Instructions

The Achievement Award program gives educate early-level organists in your area a simple and concrete way to learn basic organ skills. AGO Headquarters administers the materials, but the mentoring and administering of the awards happens exclusively through the chapter. Although it is not an AGO certification program, it is can assist the Achievement Award candidate along the path to AGO certification (i.e., the Service Playing certificate).

Everything the chapter and mentor needs to know to help someone through an Achievement Award is covered in these “Guidelines for Completing the Requirements – for the Chapter and the Mentor”.

The requirements for each award are spelled out in these documents, each of which includes the Requirements and the Candidate Record:

Once the candidate has decided which award to work on, both the mentor and the candidate print the Requirements sheet and the Candidate Record sheet. FYI, click here to see the Guidelines for Completing the Requirements – for the Candidate.

Best wishes as you assist your early-level chapter members in learning basic organ skills!