July 2019: Welcome AGO New Members

AGO is proud to welcome these new members in July, 2019. Nicholas Abelgore Mark Acker Michael L. Anderson Kevin Bailey Beverly Bankert Elena Baquerizo JaNae Barnes Martha Bates Jo Berg Alan D. Bondzio Stephen Brown Jean Bryan Stephan Burton William H. Cavuti Szu-Ping Chang Quinton Corwin Jennifer Coulson Maggie Dollar Kristina Driscoll Mary Jane Driscoll Wanda Drozdovitch Jessica Eaton Klaus Goerke Rosemary H. Good Robert W. Griswell-Lowry Anastasia Gross Rosemary Guiney Marietta T. Hardy Kevin Harris Katherine Harris Lance Harvey Sharon Heinrich Mary Hirst Denise Howey Matthew C. Janssen Jaana Jokimies Randy Jones Mark P. Martin Katherine Mayfield Deanna Mellott Lorraine J. Miller Julie … [Read more...]

The AGO Needs Your Input. Take the AGO Strategic Planning Survey!

A comprehensive and vitally important new strategic planning survey is being distributed to all Guild members following each regional convention. The National Council enthusiastically encourages everyone to participate. The results will be analyzed by our strategic planning consultants and presented to Guild leaders in seven discrete regional webinars. Findings from the survey will help the National Council set future priorities for the Guild. Please complete the online survey when it arrives in your Inbox after your region’s convention. (Questions about your regional convention will be available for those who attended one.) If the survey does not arrive in your Inbox immediately following the Regional Convention in your region, please … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Out: Renew Your AGO Dues Today

Is your membership up for renewal? Your AGO membership keeps your informed, connects you with other organists and shares job opportunities. Don’t miss the next issue of TAO. Ready to Renew Now? Use the ONCARD Login … [Read more...]

Acoustics in the Age of Frescobaldi and Fantini

Shelby Lewis discusses the acoustics of an Italian villa that may have been the venue of the legendary 1634 organ-trumpet concert by Frescobaldi and Girolamo Fantini. Read on Vox Humana … [Read more...]

Historic Organ Restoration in the Americas

In this new article on Vox Humana, Susan Tattershall discusses her work restoring organs in Mexico, Bolivia, and the West Indies, and engaging local communities in the process. Read Vox Humana … [Read more...]

Organists Ponder Fate and Future of Notre Dame’s Organ

Link … [Read more...]

NPR Interviews Olivier Latry in Wake of Notre Dame Fire

Link. … [Read more...]

Statement from Vincent DuBois on the Notre Dame Organ

Vincent Dubois, one of the three organiste titulairs at Notre Dame de Paris, released a statement that began "Contrary to rumors that have circulated, the great organ is, a priori, saved. There are a few puddles on the left and right, but nothing dramatic. " Christopher Holman at Vox Humana is also covering the story More information here. … [Read more...]

Calling All Advanced Organists Entering a High School Grade This Fall…

Do you know any advanced organists entering a high school grade this fall? Please encourage them to apply today for the 2019 Pipe Organ Encounter (Advanced) in Houston! Sponsored by the Houston (Tex.) Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, the POEA will feature world-class organs, internationally recognized faculty from around the nation, and of course many unique Texas traditions! On Monday, June 24, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA’s Space Center Houston – this isn’t the regular public tour, folks! Tuesday afternoon will feature a class on music marketing and technology led by S. Andrew Lloyd (University of Texas at San Antonio) followed by a hymn playing and liturgical improvisation class and silent film performed by … [Read more...]

Marilyn Mason: 1925-2019

The organ world has grown smaller with the passing of legendary organist, scholar, teacher, and performer, Marilyn Mason, yesterday in Florida. Dr. Mason was the foremost champion for commissioning new music for the organ and the benefactor of the AGO/Marilyn Mason Award in Organ Composition. Marilyn Mason's performing career took her around the globe. She was the first female organist ever to perform at Westminster Abbey, the first female organist to play in Latin America, and the first American organist to perform in Egypt. She was named the International Performer of the Year by the New York City Chapter of the American Guild of Organists in 1988 and was honored at the AGO Endowment Fund Gala in 2009. She was the subject of an AGO … [Read more...]