2020 AGO Election

  National Council Proposes Adding an AGOYO Member with Voting Rights   The governance of the AGO is vested in its National Council, a small cohort of volunteer Guild members elected by their peers.  All Councillors serve two-year terms. Each councillor may serve up to five consecutive terms but can hold the same position for no more than three consecutive terms. The Council currently consists of eight voting members including four officers (President, Vice President/Councillor for Competitions and New Music, Secretary/Councillor for Communications, and Treasurer/Councillor for Finance and Development) plus three councillors with portfolio (Education, Membership, and Conventions), and the chair of the Board of Regional … [Read more...]

January 2020: Welcome New Members

Gabriel Abernathy Samuel Abernathy Aaron G. Anderson Garrett Artman Andrew Atkinson Theodore S. Babbitt Mr. Owen Barnert Adrian C. Bawtree Caroline Baxley Joshua Bickford Brad L. Bryan David N. Burnham Ryan B. Caboot Chris Cole Dianne B. Croft Solomon Davids Louise Devers Paul Dinan James Douglas Christina Edelen Brent E. Erstad Michael Fischer Mrs. Linda Forry Georgiann Gibson Diana L. Giombetti Brandon Gonyea Eric Goodrich Dana Gossner Patricia Gould Diana T. Greene SPC Joseph Bryant Hand Paul Hanson Ed Hauck Ms. Melissa Herr Wendy W. Herr Theodore L. Hine Christopher Hopkins David C. Horne Scott Hubli Lee S. Jones Jiyoun Hailey Jun Hans-Peter Keller Minkyung Kim Christina H. Kime Mark … [Read more...]

Hosting an AGO Competition Winner is the Perfect Chapter Event

Kalle Toivio was named the 2018 NCOI First Place Winner at the 2018 National Convention. Hosting an AGO competition winner is the perfect chapter event! Kalle lives and works in New York City, and he is available for recitals or improvisation workshops. For more information, contact Kalle Toivio or AGO Headquarters. … [Read more...]

December 2019: Welcome New Members

Ralph C. Budd Jay Chadwick Sarah Cole Alex J. Cross Christopher Dazey Joseph Faryniarz Paul L. Finger Nathanael France Bill Geraci Trevor Good Aleah Harvey Shoko Hosono Hiromi Inomata Vernon Kimbro Deborah S. King Marisa J. Landsverk Christopher S. Lanier Mary Catherine Levri Timothy Ludwig Kathy Rissa Moore Elizabeth Patterson Jamie Pfauth Jacob Donald Pfund George Tomas Roberts-Oakland Tedd Roseberry Mr. Robert Sacks Brian Sanders Mr. Ian B. Sell William Smiley David N. Stamos Catherine W. Tyng Janice M. Vetter Ryan Villapiano Christine Wilhelm Zachary L. Wolff … [Read more...]

AGO Member Jan Kraybill Nominated for Three Grammy Awards

Jan Kraybill writes: I was absolutely thrilled that my most recent album, the second solo recording on the Kauffman Center’s Julia Irene Kauffman Casavant organ, has been nominated for three GRAMMY awards, including Best Classical Instrumental Solo, a very high honor indeed. That category, listing all five nominees, is below. It’s absolutely amazing to be included in this list of talented people! As far as I know, I am only the third organist— and the first female organist— to be nominated for a solo recording GRAMMY. The Nominee for Best Classical Instrumental Solo were: (Award to the Instrumental Soloist(s) and to the Conductor when applicable.) THE BERLIN RECITAL Yuja Wang HIGDON: HARP CONCERTO Yolanda Kondonassis; … [Read more...]

Beware the Scammers

Scammers are everywhere and AGO chapter leaders need to be vigilant about requests for funds. AGO Executive Director James Thomashower recently wrote a column in TAO on scams and how to protect yourself and your chapter funds. Please read and share with your fellow chapter officers and members: Protect Yourself and Your Chapter from Scams … [Read more...]

Atlanta Chapter to Host AGO 2020 National Convention

The Atlanta Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is pleased to announce the upcoming 2020 convention. We are very excited to be selected as the host city for this event. For the most up-to-date information on registration, accommodations, and schedules, visit the convention website. … [Read more...]

Organ Building and Restorations in the Netherlands

Frits Elshout, recently-retired Director of Flentrop Orgelbouw in the Netherlands, discusses his experience leading one of the most important firms for organ building and restoration of modern times in this interview with Vox Humana Associate Editor Bruce Shull. Link: www.voxhumanajournal.com/elshout2019.html   … [Read more...]

November 2019: Welcome New Members

Dennis Akerman Bill Bakeman Alexander Birch Hazel Boerner Alphonso Brown Andrew MacKinnon Brown Olivia Brownfield Timothy Bullara Lucas Aranha Carvalho Miguel Castro Olivia Connors John R. Crawley Deborah Dickman Benedikt Ehrhardt Lindsey Fugill Pamela Fuller Rouzan Gevorkian Janet E. Guetle Joe Hickman Patrick M. Hogan HyeSung Hwang Brad Jackson Chan Gyu Jang Lucas Jindra David Joder Jakob Johnson Deagan Jones George Kayes Karen Khanagov James Kimball Bill Kurzdorfer John Landis Enoch Laudie Aaron Lauper Justin V. Lee Ju Young Lee Gloria Lemus Claudia Loethen Adam Lutz James J. Maynard Patrick Meaden Walter J. Miklas Angela Morgan My Linh Mueller Robert H. Myers Ruben F. Navarro Timothy … [Read more...]

Organ Building and Restorations in the Netherlands

Frits Elshout, recently-retired Director of Flentrop Orgelbouw in the Netherlands, discusses his experience leading one of the most important firms for organ building and restoration of modern times in this interview with Vox Humana Associate Editor Bruce Shull. Link … [Read more...]