Regional Convention Downloadable Documents and Resources

Application to Host a Regional Convention

Regional Convention Timeline

Letter of Agreement between AGO and Host Chapter

Confidentiality Pledge

Brainstorming Session

Regional Convention Budget Template

Sample Chapter Solicitation Letter

Sample Expense Voucher

Regional Convention Loan Application

Program Narrative Template

Program Schedule Template

Required Comps Chart

Facility Use Agreement

Survey of Potential Convention Venues

Letter of Agreement – Artist Not Under Management

Letter of Agreement for Commissioned Works

Suggested Procedures for Commissioning New Music

Letter of Agreement – Performing Ensemble

Letter of Agreement for Workshop Presenter

Advertiser Letter and Contract

Exhibitor Letter
Exhibitor Information Sheet (Exhibiting Customary)

Exhibitor Contract

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

Volunteer Opportunities for the Convention

Regional Convention Final Report Form

Advertising Your Convention in THE AMERICAN ORGANIST – 2021

2021 Regional Convention Coordinator Orientation Documents

Updated 9-13-2019