Continuing Education

Committee on Continuing Professional Education

The Mission Statement for the Committee on Continuing Professional Education (CCPE) – revised 31 July 2013.

The responsibility of the Committee on Continuing Professional Education (CCPE) is five-fold, and these responsibilities are ranked in order of importance as follows:

  1. To produce, manufacture and distribute teaching materials in both traditional, tangible formats and in new media formats (books, CDs. DVDs, and on-line content) – covering a range of practical topics useful to the ongoing service of organists, church musicians and AGO members – with emphasis upon products offering content not otherwise readily available through non-AGO sources.
  2. To organize, plan, promote, supervise and execute, in cooperation with sponsors and representatives of academic institutions, the content and presentation of the biennial Conference on Organ Pedagogy, where consideration is given to participation of the AGO councillors, as well as to the educators and hosting facilities, present in the region in which the pedagogy conference is held.
  3. To administer, advertise and promote awareness of the Pogorzelski-Yankee Organ Scholarship, with tasks including the creation, posting, amendment and enforcement of scholarship rules, terms and conditions, the screening of applications, the determination of award recipients, the monitoring of the continuance of awards, and all related business, in accordance with the dictates of the trust by which the scholarship program was created and funded.
  4. To recommend recently-published educational resources, in an effort to stimulate professional growth in AGO members and in an effort to enhance the AGO’s certification program, by identifying and advocating both tangible and on-line educational resources materials which benefit organists over a broad range of training and experience, with posting of CCPE’s recommendations, not more than once annually, either on-line or through publication in The American Organist magazine.
  5. To offer for publication concise, instructional articles, written either by CCPE members or by non-committee members procured by CCPE members, on a broad range of both specialized and practical topics of interest to organists, with select articles submitted periodically by CCPE for publication in The American Organist magazine.
Committee Members

Frank Crosio, BM, FTCL, FAGO, Director  Email
Michael Bauer, DMA Email
Tom Mueller, DMA
Dana Robinson, DMA Email
ex officio: Vincent Carr, MM, AAGO, ChM, Councillor for Education  Email


AGO Headquarters Email