Committee on the New Organist

The purpose of the Committee on the New Organist (CONO) is to introduce non-organists of all ages to the organ, and to further motivate and develop new organists. The committee creates age-appropriate means, materials and programs for engaging them, and for enabling their development as performers. It oversees such programs and resources as The New Organist web page and PipeWorks. It also assists the COPOE, CCPE and other committees in projects involving new organists.

David N. Bower, PhD (Director)
Director of Sacred Music & Organist
Saint Michael Church
40 Alden Street
Cranford, NJ 07302
(908) 276-0360, ext. 231 (w)
(201) 707-0862 (m)

Michael Koenig, MA, FRCO
31 Oxberry Avenue
London SW6 5SP
United Kingdom
+49 170 5068414

Daryl Robinson, MM
Director of Organ Studies
University of Houston
3333 Cullen Boulevard, Room 120
Houston, TX 77204-4017
713-743-7316 (w)

Cathryn Wilkinson, PhD, AAGO
Dean of Liberal Arts
280 Via Paraiso
Monterey, CA  93940
707-880-5310 (h)

ex officio:
Vincent Carr, MM, AAGO, ChM
812-855-7495 (w)