In our 101st year, it is hard to fathom the challenges to our art, our livelihood, our communities of faith, and our nation. Sitting on the bench in a nearly empty sanctuary accompanying a hymn with one soloist or recording an accompaniment that choir members will use later to make their own recordings, we try to overcome isolation through imagination and memory. I find myself recalling the sound of the full congregation in song when playing a hymn and remembering the sound of my choir as they warm up, everyone muted of course, on Zoom. Basking in the incredible Vierne Symphony marathon presented by our own Eric Plutz this past October, I had to imagine the awe-inspiring space of the Princeton University Chapel and the feeling of being surrounded by our fellowship of chapter members in the audience. As we look forward to our spring season, all events will be virtual – webinar, livestream, and prerecorded – so that we can all participate safely – another invitation to engage our art with imagination. I am so grateful to our executive board for their creativity and for forging on with such energy!
I admire our membership for the many ways that you have stayed connected with your art and have faced the technical and logistical challenges of presenting music to audiences, faith communities, choirs, musical ensembles, and colleagues. Our first webinar of the season will focus on Reger’s compositional output during WWI. In his way, he was being faithful to the creation of beauty in the midst of chaos, and that is what we are called to each day in face of pandemic, national turmoil, and societal reckoning. Each time you approach the organ bench and work on repertoire, make a recording, participate in a livestream service, send in a rehearsal track, or edit a virtual ensemble, you are engaging in acts of faith and hope. Never forget that you are doing your part to make the world a more beautiful place and connect those around you to their humanity and spiritual center. Attend our spring events! Keep making music! Encourage each other! Let’s make this 101st year memorable for the beauty we create together.
Noel Werner, Dean


Local Events

Sunday, April 18, 2021 2:30 PM – Member’s Recital – Hillsborough Reformed Church
Charles Ruggles organ (1991) – tracker, two manual, 21-ranks

Click here to view the recital video:  AGO Members Recital 4.18.2021

Monday September 20, 2021, 7:30 PM – Workshop: The Organ Works of Wilbur Held – First Presbyterian Church of Cranbury

David Schelat will present a workshop featuring organist/composer Wilbur Held’s organ works. Mr. Schelat was one of Wilbur Held’s final organ students at The Ohio State University, and was privileged to be his assistant at Trinity Episcopal Church in Columbus, OH. Works for the whole church year will be presented by Mr. Schelat, with assistance from some of our Chapter members.

Sunday, October 24, 2021 4:00 PM – Alcee Chriss Organ Recital – Miller Chapel, Princeton Theological Seminary

Mr. Chriss was first-prize winner of the 2017 Canadian International Organ Competition and second-prize winner of the 2016 Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition. He is also a jazz pianist, and his program will include both organ repertoire and jazz piano music. Co-sponsored with Princeton Theological Seminary.







If you are an organist new to the central New Jersey area and are interested in becoming a member of the chapter, please email Joe Coulter and he will be glad to forward you membership information.

If you are not an organist, but would like to be affiliated only with our chapter, please join as a Chapter Friend. Chapter Friends support the local chapter, receive our chapter newsletters, and participate in chapter events. As a Chapter Friend, you do not have national voting privileges, membership benefits, or a TAO subscription. Please email Joe Coulter and he will be glad to forward you membership information.


Organist Substitutes and Job Placement

Below is a list of current members who are available as substitute organists. Please contact them directly if you are in need of a substitute organist. Should you need further assistance, please contact Eric Plutz, Professional Development Officer,

These organists are available Monday through Sunday:

Joyce Irwin,

Beverly Scheibert, or (617) 866-7553 (leave a message)

Thomas Borkowski,  or (908) 451-4456

Steven Russell, or (732) 939-1909

Ronald Hemmel,


Employers and job seekers are invited to post and search listings of available positions on the Guild’s National Website.



Current chapter members with AGO certification:

Ronald Hemmel, FAGO
Kathleen Connolly, CAGO
Joyce Irwin, CAGO
Noel Werner, CAGO
John Milas, AAGO, ChM
Beverly Jerold Scheibert, AAGO
Mary Giordmaine, SPC
James Litton, SPC



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