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Councillor for Membership

Vicki J. Schaeffer, DM
405-749-3045 (w)
405-365-6530 (m)

The Councillor for Membership coordinates the work of the Guild in the areas of membership development and chapter support, career development and support, and musicians in part-time employment. In this role, the Councillor for Membership serves as an ex officio member of three committees:

Committee on Membership Development and Chapter Support (COMDACS)

This committee creates programs for membership development at the Chapter level. It works to develop new sources for AGO membership and to establish membership goals and strategies by which the goals can be achieved. It also works to develop programming resources and other forms of support for Chapters.

Director:   Wayne Peterson, DSM, FAGO, ChM
Trinity Episcopal Church
611 W. Berry Street
Fort Wayne, IN  46802

Conner McMains, MM
9933 Midway Road
Dallas, TX  75220
214-358-1453 (w)

Judith Miller, CAGO
470 Morris Avenue
Corydon, IN  47112-2251
812-734-4502 (h)

Judith G. Kohl, MM
630 S. Green Bay Road
Lake Forest, IL
847-769-7447 (m)

Grant Holcomb (AGOYO Representative)
1812 Gayle Drive
Lexington, KY  40505
859-940-8774 (m)

Elizabeth George, CMM
Director of Member Engagement & Chapter Development

Committee on Sharing Skills and Resources (COSSR)

This committee focuses on the multiple needs of musicians in part-time employment, coordinating Guild initiatives in education, professional development, membership development, and outreach. Recognizing that the majority of Guild members are musicians in part-time employment, the committee directs the attention of the AGO to the many and varied needs of these members. Through its program, January Jubilee, the committee also offers educational outreach to those who are not yet members of the Guild, seeking thereby to promote membership in the Guild and to mentor these potential new members within local Chapters.

Director:   Peter L. Bates, MM  Email
James W. Kosnik, DMA  Email
Karen Black, DM Email
Gregory Zelek, MM  Email

Staff:  Eric Birk, MM, FAGO
Executive Assistant, AGO National Headquarters

Committee on Career Development and Support (CD&S)

The goal of this committee is to improve and sustain professional working conditions for Guild members. It is the action group for dealing with the Code of Ethics and Discipline, and for assisting Chapters in such cases. It is also responsible for producing such documents as the Code of Professional Standards, the handbook on employing musicians in religious institutions, and reviewing questions submitted via the AGO Career Hotline. The committee assists the Councillor for Membership in coordinating the work of the Regional Coordinators for Professional Development. All non-musical aspects of a member’s employment fall within the purview of this committee, which also seeks to improve working conditions for members by influencing the education of seminary students and denominational governing bodies.

Director:  [VACANT] 

Doris Dabrowski, JD, SPC
515 South 41st Street
Philadelphia, PA  19104-4501
215-790-1115 (w)

Jessica French, MM
13229 SE 256th Street J-1
Kent, WA  98042
812-320-5367 (m)

Anthony Rispo
2 Concord Drive
Mahopac, NY  10541
914-979-9181 (m)
914-769-1559 (w)

Andrew Johnson, SPC (AGOYO Representative)
3108 Copper Creek Road
Bloomington, IL  61704

Staff:  Eric Birk, MM, FAGO
Executive Assistant, AGO National Headquarters