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Councillor for Membership

lambDavid K. Lamb, CAGO, DMus (1)
Trinity United Methodist Church
2796 Charlestown Road
New Albany, IN 47150

The Councillor for Membership/Convener of the Regional Councillors convenes the Regional Councillors and coordinates the work of the Guild in the areas of membership development and chapter support, career development and support, and musicians in part-time employment. In this role, the Councillor for Membership serves as an ex officio of three committees:

Committee on Membership Development and Chapter Support (COMDACS)

Director:   John E. Wigal, MM
Henry Glass, MA,SPC
Debra LeBrun, SPC, MM
Leslie C.S. Teardo, CAGO, MM
Collin A. Richardson, DMA (Young Organist Member)
Leah Semiken, MS, staff support

Committee on Sharing Skills and Resources (COSSR)

Director:   Sheila Hess, CAGO
Marilyn Schempp, SPC, MM, NCTM
Paul A. Thornock, II , DMA
Wayne L. Wold, AAGO, DMA
Gregory Zelek (Young Organist Member)
Eric Birk, FAGO, MM, staff support

Committee on Career Development and Support (CD&S)

Director:  Marlene Hallstrom, CAGO, MM
The Rev. Paul B. Carmona, AAGO, MM, PhD
Carol Feather Martin, MM
Nathan Proctor, MM
Adam Detzner  (from Task Force for Young Organists)
Eric Birk, FAGO, MM, staff support