RCYO Rules & Locations

The official rules governing the 2015 AGO/Quimby Regional Competitions for Young Organists were published in the October 2014 issue of THE AMERICAN ORGANIST. 2015 Official Rules

Competitors must be under 24 years of age as of August 1, 2015. Competitors may compete in any chapter-level competition in the region of their home or school or the chapter of which the competitor has been a member for at least one year. Membership in the American Guild of Organists is not required. For additional/hard copies of rules or application forms, contact AGO National Headquarters, competitions@agohq.org or 212-870-2311, ext. 4318.

Jesus, Lover of My Soul
The God of Abraham Praise
Sing Praise to God

2015 AGO/Quimby RCYO Chapter Events/Coordinators

Boston MA, April 11, 2015—David Baker: dgb137@mac.com
Fairfield West CT, March 7, 2015—Eileen Hunt: eileenjh@aol.com
Albany NY, March 28, 2015—Justan Foster: justan.foster@live.com
Buffalo NY, March 7, 2015—Tim Socha: tsocha@roadrunner.com
New York NY, March 21, 2015—Chelsea Chen: info@chelseachen.com

Harrisburg PA, February 28, 2015—Ellen Hunt: ellenhunt@ruthhunter.com
LeHigh Valley PA, March 14, 2015—Gregory Kuklinski: gjk4@alum.lehigh.edu
Philadelphia PA, March 7, 2015—Alan Morrison: alanmorrison@comcast.net
Pittsburgh, PA, March 28, 2015—Christine Clewell: orgel@grove.iup.edu
Potomac and NOVA VA, March 14, 2015—Kimberly Hess: kimberlyannhess@gmail.com

Central North Carolina, March 21, 2015—Bill Weisser: wjweisser@gmail.com
Greenville SC, March 7, 2015—Arlen Clarke: arlen.clarke@stmarysgvl.org
Macon GA, February 28, 2015—Ellen Wilson: missellen485@cox.net
Sarasota-Manatee FL, March 21, 2015—Tristan Rhodes: tristansterrain@gmail.com
Knoxville TN, March 28, 2015—Edie Johnson: ejohnson@churchstreetumc.org
Jackson MS, February 28, 2015—Billy Trotter: billytrotter@bellsouth.net

Great Lakes
Columbus OH, March 14, 2015—Tom Gerke: tagerke@yahoo.com
Cleveland OH, February 28, 2015—Robert Moncrief: rmoncrief@fairmountchurch.org
Indianapolis IN, March 7, 2015—Michael Messina: mmessina@trinitychurchindy.org
Grand Rapids MI, April 20, 2015—Bruce Klanderman/Joan Ringerwole: bklanderman@aol.com/jringerwole@gmail.com
Rockford IL, March 21, 2015—Ron Barshinger: rbarshinger@niu.edu

North Central
Central Iowa IA (in Des Moines), March 14, 2015—Michael Stefanek: michael.stefanek@hotmail.com
Milwaukee WI, (canceled) Craig Bodoh: timeman@earthlink.net
Twin Cities MN, April 11, 2015—Mary Newton: mayanewton@yahoo.com
Lincoln NE, March 14, 2015—Jeremy Bankson: jeremybankson@gmail.com
Kansas City KS, March 14, 2015—Ann Posey: poseyannphil2@sbcglobal.net
Wichita KS, March 7, 2015—Pat Walcher: pedalpt@aol.com

Dallas TX, February 28, 2015—Grady Coyle: gradyc@northridgepc.org
Oklahoma City OK, April 11, 2015—Elizabeth Harrison: elizabethaharrison@yahoo.com
Tulsa OK, March 7, 2015— Michael Bedford: mbedford@sjtulsa.org

Seattle WA, March 7, 2015—Richard Lind: richardlind@w-link.net
Eugene OR,  March 8, 2015—Barbara Baird: bbaird@uoregon.edu
Utah Valley/Salt Lake City, March 14, 2015—Sheri Peterson: sheri.peterson@gmail.com
Palo Alto/Peninsula CA, (canceled)—David Allan Sheetz: dasheetz@comcast.net
San Diego CA,  April 11, 2015—Leslie Wolf Robb: lesliewolfrobb@mac.com

2015 Regional Convention Competition Coordinator Documents


Competitions Committee
Director: Christian Lane, MM agovicepresident@gmail.com
Chelsea Chen, MM (2) info@chelseachen.com
Cindy Lindeen-Martin, DMA (1) clmaugustana@gmail.com
Mary Newton, CAGO, DMA (2) mayanewton@yahoo.com
Jay Peterson, DMA, SPC (2) petersonjc1@msn.com
Jason Roberts (1) roberts@stbarts.org
Michael Unger (1) michaelunger@hotmail.com