Lessons for the New Organist (arranged by topic)

This series of 30 videos, called “Lessons for the New Organist,” teaches basic skills and techniques to beginning organists, and particularly pianists who are making a transition to organ-playing.

Here are the lessons arranged by topic.

From Pianist to Organist

Lesson 1: A Pianist’s First Steps in Transitioning to the Organ

The Organ Console and Organ Registration

Lesson 2: The Architecture and Layout of the American Pipe Organ
Lesson 3: Coupling Organ Divisions
Lesson 4: Swell Pedals & Dynamic Expression
Lesson 6: Families of Organ Tone
Lesson 7: Mixture & Mutation Stops
Lesson 8: Registrations for Contemplative & Jubilant Hymns
Lesson 9: General & Divisional Pistons
Lesson 10: The Crescendo Pedal
Lesson 14: DIY: Varying Your Organ Registrations
Lesson 26: How to Use MIDI Functions on Organ Consoles


Lesson 5: An Introduction to Pedaling & Organ Music Scores
Lesson 11: Does the Shoe Fit? Organ Shoes & Bench Height
Lesson 12: The Basics of Pedal Technique
Lesson 13: DIY: Adding Pedals
Lesson 20: Creative Use of Limited Pedaling in Hymns
Lesson 29: Determining Your Pedaling in Organ Literature

Hymn Playing

Lesson 16: DIY: Reharmonizing Your Hymns
Lesson 17: DIY: Key Modulations: When, Why & How
Lesson 18: DIY: Using Registrations to Illustrate Hymn Texts
Lesson 19: Choosing and Using a Pedal Point
Lesson 21: An Introduction to Hymn Meter and the Metrical Index
Lesson 22: Choosing Alternate Hymn Texts and Tunes by Examining Meter
Lesson 25: Variety in Hymn-Playing, Regardless of Instrument Size

Miscellaneous Topics

Lesson 15: DIY: Using Time & Touch to Shape Melody
Lesson 23: Adapting Folk and Guitar Music to the Organ
Lesson 24: Bridging Gaps During Communion Services
Lesson 27: How to be an Excellent Substitute Organist
Lesson 28: Getting Around on the Hammond Organ
Lesson 30: Answers to Some Important Questions