What is PipeWorks?
  • Integrates science, music, and social studies, using a small, portable pipe organ as the medium for instruction
  • Is an in-school project, two weeks in duration, for students grades 4 – 6
  • Teams organists and teachers to provide music instruction that fits into the students’ core learning
Three Curricula and Student Book
  • Cover science, music, and social studies;
  • Offer instructional guides for the teacher;
  • Provide activities for the student;
  • Coordinate with school curricula

Teachers or organists who want to carry out a PipeWorks project need the following:

  • Portable pipe organ
  • Teacher support for classroom instruction
  • Organist/artist to portray composers and introduce the pipe organ
  • Instructional materials, such as organ pipes and tuning forks
  • PipeWorks curricula and student book
  • Organ Encounter site (visit, explore and hear a performance on a full-size organ)

View our 5-minute Pipe Works video

pdf-large-typePipeWorks A descriptive brochure of the PipeWorks Education Project – answers the 10 most frequently asked questions.

Mary Ellen Burgomaster and Carole Wills of the Indianapolis Chapter have been appointed as the new National Co-coordinators of PipeWorks, replacing Ruth Caswell, the author and creator of PipeWorks Project.. They and 15 other Indianapolis AGO volunteers have been instrumental in their chapter’s sponsorship of 16 PipeWorks Projects at 11 different public and private schools since 1997. More than 3,000 intermediate grade students have been exposed to the beauty and fascination of the pipe organ through the PipeWorks Project. Both Carole and Mary Ellen are very well qualified to answer questions for individuals interested in incorporating PipeWorks Project into their Guild’s educational outreach goals.

For information on PipeWorks:

Program Coordinators

 Mary Ellen Burgomaster
550 E. Vermont St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3638
317-685-2919 (H)

Carole Wills
8940 Dandy Creek Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46234
317-299-4570 (H)

Additional Materials
PipeWorks Curricula:$20.00
Three-hole binder with separately bound student activity book. Order On-Line
A Young Person’s Guide to the Pipe Organ:$12.00
By Sandra Soderlund and Catherine Fischer. Combines cartoons and text.
Pulling Out All the Stops$20.00
Full-length DVD on the pipe organ in America.
The American Organist$62.00
Monthly magazine. Covers a variety of educational topics.
One year subscription. Order On-Line
Close EncountersFREE
11 minute video on Pipe Organ Encounters program
($5.00 shipping and handling)
Inspiring New Organists In Your ChapterFREE
CD recording of a 2004 convention workshop. Find out what you and your
chapter can do to reach out to the next generation of new organists.
($5.00 shipping and handling)


ORDER BY PHONE U.S. and Canada, call 212-870-2310 (credit card only)

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New York, NY 10115

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