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Message from the Dean 

Welcome to the Region IX chapter serving the southern Gold Coast of California. Ventura County is just northwest of Los Angeles. We have members residing in Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Paula, and Ojai.

We are always looking for new members – organists, choir directors, and others who appreciate excellent music. There are no entrance requirements, and the annual dues support local chapter activities as well as national AGO resources. Each year, we award scholarships to deserving students in the county. This financial aid assists them with organ lessons, music, and even proper shoes.

We encourage you to bring family and friends to our events and enjoy congenial fellowship along with excellent music.


Local Events

2013-2014 VC AGO and other Organ Events in Ventura County:

Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013, 7:30 PM Samuelson Chapel, CLU, 60 West Olsen Road, Thousand Oaks–James Welch plays the music of Dale Wood–

Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, 3:00 PM Camarillo UMC, 291 Anacapa Dr. Camarillo–Mark Holmstrom, Organ, in Concert–Spirituals from Sea to Shine Sea and BeyondSunday, Oct. 27,2013, 7:00 PM, Ascension Lutheran Church, 1600 E. Hillcrest Dr., Thousand Oaks–The Silent Film Classic “Nosferatu” with live Organ accompaniment by Timothy Howard

Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013, Ascension Lutheran Church, 1600 E. Hillcrest Dr., Thousand Oaks–Christoph Bull, organ (UCLA,) and Jens Lindemann, trumpet (Canadian Brass) Bach and Jazz (in Christoph’s inimitable fashion)

Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, 7:30 PM, Samuelson Chapel, CLU, 60 West Olsen Rd., Thousand Oaks–“CLARION” Concert–Melody Steed, organ, Keith Benjamin, trumpet

February, 2014–date and location TBD–Pedal, Pipes, and Pizza

Friday, March 16, 2014, 7:30 PM, Ascension Lutheran Church, 1600 East Hillcrest Dr., Thousand Oaks–John and Marianne Weaver, Organ

April, 2014, Date and Time TBD–Samuelson Chapel, CLU–Everyone’s a Student! Informal Recital

June, 2014–Date and Time TBD–Closing Meeting: Service of Installation with Potluck.

AGO-VC concerts are free of charge and everyone is welcome to attend. For more information about these and other events in the Ventura area, please e-mail: Email



Dear AGO Ventura County Chapter Members and Friends,

Warm summer greetings on behalf of your 2013-14 Executive Board, whom you have entrusted with the joys of leading our worthy Chapter into its fourth decade.

Many thanks to Sara Edwards, immediate past dean, for shepherding us the past four years, keeping us connected through good programs and internet. I am particularly happy that she continues as Pipeline editor. Beverly Broadbent Casper, is this the first year she has not served in an official capacity since chapter beginnings? Her generous spirit, kindness, and talents have always underpinned guild life. Bev, don’t stop now! And to music man Bill Otis, we offer thanks with prayers, love, and support in his battle to new wholeness. Once a music man, always…. Special hugs to Edith Ott, Ed Meals, and Louise Bergmann, who have proved what an energetic nominating committee can accomplish.

As we plan forward, let’s also pause to ponder some milestones. Come October, Ventura County AGO will be 30 years young (chartered October 1983). But that’s not all. In 1989 our infant chapter was tapped to host—believe it or not—the 1993 Far West Regional convention, our 10th birthday party. It was great!

Superb! The Bakersfield Region IX Convention, hosted by Kern County Chapter under the assured leadership of Phil Dodson and his team. Our 9 chapter attendees had a good time! Fern’s and Mark’s photos are posted on the Chapter facebook page. Lots of stories to tell. A lasting gift from the Convention is the jubilant praise hymn “Give Him Glory” (tune BAKERSFIELD), commissioned by Kern County Chapter. The reproducible PDF is available at, and anyone may use it free of charge!

Can’t wait to see everyone at our first chapter event. Thank you for the privilege of serving. Soli Deo Gloria!


Some Health Concerns:

Bill Otis, now in therapy following amputation of both legs. St. John’s Hospital, Oxnard.
Martha Lamar, at home, recovering from back surgery



Ventura County takes great pride in its programs supporting practicing and aspiring organists. We have several scholarship students benefiting from our support. If you play the organ, no matter at what skill level, or you would like to add organ study to your piano or synthesizer skills, please contact us. We have an active program of placing practice organs in the homes of needy and promising students, so please ask.

Forms and information about AGO membership may be obtained from Registrar Linda Fern Fay, Email or Dean Roberta J. Palmer Email.


Camarillo United Methodist Church (“UMC”) is announcing the opening of the position of Director of Music and Worship Arts. This position will be available August 15, 2013.
Camarillo UMC is a vibrant, progressive faith community rooted in active worship and vital service and we are seeking a dynamic, collaborative leader for our worship and music programs.
For more information, please feel free to contact David Orr at 805-377-5208 or via e-mail at Email Thank you for helping us to continue our outstanding music program.

Substitute List:
Contact Person: Louise Bergmann — (805) 983-0157
Kay Cushman — (805) 650-1854
Karlin J. Canfield — (805) 987-2402 Email
Arthur Dobrucki — (805) 584-1203 M.B.A., C.A.G.O.: Email
Jane Ganske — (310) 506-4054 Email
Emily Arellano Jones — (805) 483-2451 Email
Leonard Loomis, M.A.: Email
Ann Luthringer, R.N. (Sub. Episcopal & Lutheran): Email
Gary Peter: 310-936-5269
Ivan M. Shobe B.S., M.A. — 805-485-1431 (except Sunday a.m.)Email
Mariana Smith, B.A. — (805) 643-0441 Email
Lois M. Weatherhead — (805) 486-8648
Bill Otis — (805) 488-1870
Lenore Porter — (805) 385-5646

Employers and job seekers are invited to post and search listings of available positions on the Guild’s National Website.


For other certification examinations (Fellowship, Associateship, Choir Master) contact the Region IX center coordinator for the Los Angeles area: Mark Thallander, 281 South Madison Ave., #303, Pasadena, CA 91101-1298. (626)487-9734.


Contact Us

Roberta J. Palmer, Dean and Pipeline Author — Email (805) 524-2697
Dr. Kyle E. Johnson, Sub-Dean — Email (805) 493-3332
Dr. Jane Ganske, Secretary — Email (310) 506-4054
Edward Meals, Treasurer — Email (805) 229-7309
Louise N. Bergmann, Member-at-large — (805) 983-0157 Email
Gery Henricksen, Member-at-large — Email (805) 216-8511
Mark C. Holmstrom, Member-at-large — Email (805) 493-2532
Linda (Fern) Fay, Registrar — Email (805) 985-0405
Rev. Allen Hellwege, Chaplain — Email (805)646-1537
Sara E. F. Edwards, Pipeline Editor — Email (805) 647-5937
Mark C. Holmstrom, Webmaster — Email  805-493-2532

Region IX Councillor: Leslie Wolf Robb Email



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