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Message from the Dean 

Greetings Chapter members!  We finally made it through Holy Week and Easter – with many services, a lot of music to prepare, and rehearsals to do.  I hope everyone had a successful Easter, and rejoiced in worshiping God.  Now we are on the slower side of things – but still Pentecost and Memorial Day is coming up next.  This is a joyful time of year – I was thinking of  Psalm 13:5 : But I have trusted in your mercy, my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.   That is what we do through our music – pray and rejoice. Our goal is to help our congregations pray and rejoice.  May God’s spirit continue to flow through us and our music.

I received a mailing from the Leupold Foundation. Its mission is “the preservation, reproduction, and dissemination of the culture of the pipe organ”. They are looking for donations of organ music, books dealing with the organ and organ music, and recordings of organ music. Their address is: 8510 Triad Drive, Colfax, NC 27235. Email is: contact@wayneleupold.com . Their website is www.wayneleupold.com.  If you have any music you do not need or and books about the organ, they will give them a good home.  I think it is a very worthy cause.

May God continue to pour blessings and peace on all of you.




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AGO Dues Information

The AGO National Council has established new dues rates for all dues categories. The new rates will appear on the April 1 renewal notices that AGO Headquarters will send to current chapter members renewing for the 2015-2016 membership year. These rates are $100 for Regular members; $75 for Special members; $40 for Student members; and $75 for Partners. The new rates reflect a $3 increase in each membership category, with $2 being retained by each chapter and $1 allocated to National Headquarters.

The new dues rates will take effect on April 1 for those who join the Guild for the first time either as Chapter members or as Independent members, or who reinstate as either Chapter members or Independent members after their memberships have lapsed. Please note that new members and those who wish to reinstate their lapsed memberships can join now through March 30 at the current dues rates before they increase on April 1.



Membership coordinators Homer Ferguson and Michael Howe may be contacted at homer.ferguson@asu.edu and music@brownsonchurch.org.



Employers and job seekers are invited to post and search listings of available positions on the Guild’s National Website.

For posting in the chapter newsletter, please contact Stephen Gourley at stephengourley@my.unt.edu.





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For website or newsletter information, please contact Stephen Gourley, webmaster at stephengourley@my.unt.edu

Executive Board

Dean—Diana Kirkpatrick

Secretary—Monica Sparzak

Treasurer—Marcia Heirman-Mervin

Membership Coordinators—Homer Ferguson and Michael Howe

Newsletter Editor/Webmaster—Stephen Gourley

Chaplain—The Rev. Dr. John Jacobs




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