American Guild of Organists Centennial

In 1996, THE AMERICAN ORGANIST Magazine celebrated the first 100 years of the American Guild of Organists with a series of articles published about the history of the work and accomplishments of the AGO.  Each title below is linked to a PDF of the article as it appeared in the month published.

January, 1996
One Hundred Years Ago:  The Founding of the AGO
by Barbara Owen, ChM

The Academic Membership of the American Guild of Organists (as of January 1996)
with introduction by Ann Labounsky, FAGO
[In October, 1995, the AGO National Council designated those members holding FAGO, AAGO, and Choir Master certificates as the “Academic Membership.”  This designation now refers to all members with any of the certificates, including Colleague and Service Playing.]

February, 1996
The Founders of the AGO—Who Were They?
by Barbara Own, ChM

March, 1996
The Guild Grows
by Barbara Owen, ChM

April, 1996
AGO Conventions, 1914-1939
by Arthur Lawrence, AAGO, ChM

May, 1996
One Hundred Years of Competition: Encouraging Excellence
by Mary Ann Dodd

June, 1996
AGO Conventions, 1941-1958
by Stephen L. Pinel

July, 1996
The Examinations and Academic Regalia (a history of AGO Certification)
by Agnes Armstrong, CAGO

August, 1996
AGO Conventions, 1960-1978
by John Ogasapian

September, 1996
AGO Conventions, 1980-1994
by Max B. Miller, FAGO

October, 1996
AGO Wardens and Presidents
by Rollin Smith

November, 1996
Prizewinning Works and Commissions
by Charles N. Henderson

December, 1996
One Hundred Years of Fellowship Literature
Bonnie L. Goodliffe, FAGO