• Cherry Rhodes and Ladd Thomas to be Honored at 2015 AGO Gala
  • AGO Taiwan Chapter Sponsors Organ Competition
  • Carl G. Harris Jr.: Trailblazer in Choral Music
  • New Haven to Host 2015 Northeast Regional Convention
  • 2015 AGO West Regional Convention features the Spreckels organ
  • 2015-2016 Pogorzelski-Yankee Scholarship Awards Submission Begins January 5, 2015

January Jubilees

January Jubilees exist to nurture the many part-time musicians working for religious institutions, introducing these musicians to the AGO and its work and mission, and encouraging them to become members of the Guild. Three Jubiliees will be held in January and one in February. Four of the Guild's seven regions will participate [More...]

Pogorzelski-Yankee 2015 Scholarships

Two new Pogorzelski-Yankee academic scholarships will be awarded in 2015. One will be for an entering Freshman. The other will be for an entering first-year graduate student. The online application period will run from January 5, to February 15, 2015. Award notification will be on or near April 15. [More...]