Teacher Recommendation – POE Advanced Attendance

This page is where the teachers of POE-Advanced applicants complete the teacher recommendation form below.  Teachers should mindful of the following:

If you experience any difficulties using the POE form below, please contact Eric Birk, Executive Assistant at AGO National Headquarters, by email to: eric.birk@agohq.org or by telephone at: 212-870-2310.  Applications to attend an AGO Pipe Organ Encounter is a two step process:

STEP 1:  All applicants MUST register online.  Participants’ registration is not complete until they submit the form and receive a confirmation email.  IMPORTANT:  If a participant indicates on the registration form interest in applying for a scholarship, the local POE Director must be notified of the need for a scholarship.

STEP 2:  Payment of registration fees is made directly to the POE host chapter.  Please visit the POE’s website, or see the brochure on the POEA page for payment procedure for the POE you wish to attend.  Registration is not complete until the registration fee has been received and acknowledged by the POE host chapter.

  • The entire application and payment process should be completed before POEA event deadlines.
  • Scholarship applications are accepted from January 15 – April 15.

All applications are subject to approval by the POE Committee hosting the event.  

This application form expired at midnight at the end of April 30, 2019. Applications are no longer being accepted.