May 2016 TAO Cover Feature Article

St. Joseph Catholic Church Lincoln, NE Bedient Pipe Organ Company • Lincoln, NE By Ryan Luckey and Mark Miller We are often asked, “What is the most rewarding part of building a pipe organ?” People usually expect us to reply by describing the thrill of hearing the new organ as it plays music that was written specifically for the type of instrument we have just built. But they are surprised to hear our actual answer: “It’s the collaboration and the people we get to work with.” Working closely with the client to identify their needs and developing a plan to supply those needs results in the most successful and rewarding outcomes for everyone involved. St. Joseph Catholic Parish of Lincoln, Nebraska, was established in 1979, and … [Read more...]

April 2016 TAO Cover Feature Article

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church Carmel Valley, CA Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Lake City, IA By John A. Panning These days, it would be easy to believe that pipe organs have become trophy items, affordable only by large or significantly wealthy churches. There is a grain of truth to this. Hollowed out by elec­tronic imitations and shifting tastes in worship music, 
the market for pipe organs has changed. While our magazine covers continue to feature large, even enormous, instruments, the number of two-manual “normal church organs” that allowed The Diapason to print an annual issue devoted to their design is now much reduced. In particular, the promise once attached to mechanical-action instruments of modest size seems not to have … [Read more...]

March 2016 TAO Cover Feature Article

St. Monica Catholic Church, Dallas, TX Nichols & Simpson Inc., Little Rock, AR By Jeremy Wirths St. Monica Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas, founded in 1954, is a large parish of around 14,000 parishioners, with an average of 4,000 individuals attending seven weekend Masses, and a proud heritage of education: St. Monica School maintains an enrollment of more than 850 students in grades K–8. The parish has ten choirs and ensembles that provide leadership for the various Masses in both English and Spanish. The church building and organ are used for several school choral liturgies each week, along with many special performances, including organ recitals, and numerous musical presentations by outside ensembles. In 2012, the … [Read more...]

February 2016 TAO Cover Feature Article

Immanuel Chapel, Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA Taylor & Boody Organbuilders Staunton, VA By George K. Taylor & John H. Boody Two powerful events at the Virginia Theological Seminary conspired to bring to life a new chapel and a new pipe organ: the tragic destruction of the 1881 seminary chapel by an accidental fire in October 2010, and the destruction wrought in the Mid-Atlantic region by a freak summer derecho windstorm on June 29, 2012. The fire spurred the creation and building of a new elegant and powerful worship space that bears witness to the dedication of the Virginia Theological Seminary to liturgy and worship arts. The windstorm felled more than 20 of the old-growth white oak trees that graced … [Read more...]

January 2016 TAO Cover Feature Article

Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO Schoenstein & Co., Benicia, CA By Jack Bethards "A dignified and churchly ensemble” described Ladue Chapel’s new Kilgen organ in the December 1951 dedication program. This was a special year for the St. Louis organ firm—its centennial. Author, organ consultant, and organist William H. Barnes was the re­citalist. Solo repertoire, although featured on the opening program, was clearly of minor importance in the full scheme of the church music program. This was a church organ. Hear the organ Not too many years later, church organists were being advised by the academic community that they were being short-changed with instruments that were caricatures—not much better than theater … [Read more...]

December 2015 TAO Feature Article

Chapel of St. Joseph, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, MO A.E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company, Lithonia, GA By Arthur E. Schlueter III Every organ commission that has been awarded to our firm has left us humbled and thankful for the opportunity to build instruments for worship and praise. This was amplified by the opportunity to build an instrument in support of the daily life, prayer, 
and worship for the clergy, staff, and students at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. When I arrived for our first visit to the seminary, I was informed of plans to renovate the chapel that would include a new pipe organ. I had numerous discussions about how the organ would be used in worship and sought to design an eclectic specification that would … [Read more...]

November 2015 TAO Feature Article

Christ the King Catholic Church, Dallas, TX Juget-Sinclair Organbuilders, Montreal, Quebec By Stephen Sinclair An organ project is, by its nature, a long process—it can be helpful for organbuilders to reflect on the beginning once we’ve reached the end. We might forget, for example, that the project at Christ the King in Dallas was, for all intents and purposes, dead in the water for more than a year, for lack of a solution to the conundrum of how to successfully build a mechanical-action instrument out-of-chambers, without placing any weight on the balcony itself, or reducing space for the choir. It wasn’t an aha moment that led us to a solution. It was more a case of the elimination of doubt—as crazy as it seemed, we could see no … [Read more...]

October 2015 TAO Feature Article

St. John's Seminary, Brighton, MA Andover Organ Company, Lawrence, MA By Matthew M. Bellocchio When renovating a historic building, it is often necessary to strike a balance between preserving the original fabric and updating it to suit modern needs. When renovating century-old American organs, similar choices must often be made. A conservative restoration is the logical decision for an exemplary work by an important builder or a small organ in a rural church with modest musical requirements. But an aging instrument with unreliable mechanisms and limited tonal resources, in an active church or institution with a professional music program, requires a careful assessment of each of its existing components. This was the case with the … [Read more...]

September 2015 TAO Feature Article

First Presbyterian Church, Asheville, NC Holtkamp Organ Company, Cleveland, OH By Richard Parsons The Land of the Blue Smoke. That is the name the Cherokee Indians gave to the high plateau in western North Carolina. Lying at an altitude of roughly 3,000 feet, it is surrounded by six peaks, all of which have altitudes greater than 6,000 feet. The highest is Mount Mitchell, which at 6,683 feet is the highest peak in the eastern United States. The plateau itself covers nearly 1,000 square miles. At its center is the confluence of the Swannanoa and French Broad rivers. Near this confluence is Asheville, North Carolina. The first European settlers in the area arrived in 1784. First Presbyterian Church, founded in 1794, was known as … [Read more...]

August 2015 TAO Feature Article

Trinity Episcopal Church, Mobile, AL Goulding & Wood Organ Builders, Indianapolis, IN By Jason Overall Mobile, Alabama, saw severe, unusual weather on Christmas Day 2012, culminating in a destructive tornado. This Gulf Coast town, more accustomed to dealing with hurricanes, suddenly faced dealing with the precision damage unique to tornados. The storm's path led straight to the front doors of Trinity Episcopal Church, and the winds lifted the entire roof of the historic church building completely off the walls, setting it back at an angle. In the weeks that followed, the congregation struggled to recover from the emotional impact of the damage while also finding solace in the fact that, given the time of the storm, no one was in the … [Read more...]