Statement from Vincent DuBois on the Notre Dame Organ

Vincent Dubois, one of the three organiste titulairs at Notre Dame de Paris, released a statement that began “Contrary to rumors that have circulated, the great organ is, a priori, saved. There are a few puddles on the left and right, but nothing dramatic. ”

Christopher Holman at Vox Humana is also covering the story

More information here.


  1. David Kinyon says:

    Wonderful news. Let’s hope they can get access quickly before the elements do it in and they can get it out of there. However, does anybody have a status on the Orgue d’Choeur? It was much closer to the fire and the falling debris, water, heat etc. Let’s hope if faired well.

  2. Frank L Crosio says:

    Thank God! That is wonderful, almost miraculous, news!

  3. This great news warms my heart as I’ve been grieving over the destructive fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame since I first learned of it. The famed and historic organ is the heart of this magnificent historical structure that is fortunately still beating!

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