POE Grant from AGO National Headquarters


GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS [Adapted from the POE Handbook:]
For all chapters is selected as POE sites, AGO National Headquarters offers a grant of up to $3,500 to each POE site as seed money to begin their work. The purpose of the grant is to help insure that no chapter loses money on its program. This grant money should be used to offset costs (especially advance costs like deposits) necessary to run a POE; for example, housing, meals, fees associated with venues, printing, mailing, website costs, etc. Optional expenses, especially professional artist fees, are covered by the chapter or by creative fundraising. If a POE accepts an AGO grant and realizes a profit, the host chapter is expected to return a portion of the grant money (see section 2.8.3).

James Thomashower, AGO Executive Director, oversees the administration of AGO grant money. If you would like to ask for a grant amount up to the $3,500.00 limit, please apply using the form below starting October 15 in the year preceding the POE. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Mr. Thomashower directly at jet@agohq.org. A portion of the grant, up to $1,000.00, is available by November 1 in the year preceding the POE. Thereafter, grant funds are provided in increments of $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 as needed upon request. All grant requests must identify an institutional payee (e.g., “Key West Pipe Organ Encounter”) and a contact person with name and address to whom the check should be sent. Chapters requesting portions of the grant should also be able to show evidence of active fundraising from other sources, and will be required to upload a current budget report with each and every request that uses the POE budget spreadsheet provided by the Committee on Pipe Organ Encounters (CoPOE) as part of the online application. Please be sure your spreadsheet is saved with the name of your POE location in the file name, for example:  CenterCityPOEbudget.xls.

Please be aware before starting the form, that you will need:

  1. A current budget report spreadsheet (labeled in the filename with the POE location) showing budgeted, actual and variance of all income and expenses; this will need to be uploaded while completing the form.
  2. A short paragraph highlighting all fund-raising efforts of your chapter for its POE event.
  3. Payee (“pay to the order of”) information, contact name and address for processing payments.

This form is not available past the deadline for POE Director's reports (August 31, 2020).