Performance Videos

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  1. Lynda Reilly says:

    Do you have any performance videos of Ms Donald Maxine McCormick that I could purchase? I am one of her vocal students from Dover NJ, would love to hear her performance.

    • Bill Valentine says:


      I looked through the AGO You Tube library and did not see any videos by Donald Maxine McCormick. Can you provide any more information about her?

      Bill Valentine

      • Lynda Sledgeski Reilly says:

        She actually went under Maxine McCormick she did some performance threw the Methodist churches and I know she was active in your organization! Did she perform or play and pieces that was recorded or pictures? She also played the harpsichord
        Lynda J Sledgeski Reilly

  2. Norma Stevlingson says:

    Still pleased to be a member of my long term chapter where I still count many of the members as friends.

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