If your chapter is participating in ONCARD and you’re looking to pay your AGO dues, you’re in the right place. After logging in you will be directed to the ONCARD main menu. Choose “Renew Dues & Subscriptions” at the top of the menu. You can update your personal information and chapter-specific data fields as part of the renewal process.

If this is your first time, here’s a link to an ONCARD instructional video.

Enter your username and password to continue. First time login: Your username is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name, with no space in between. (For example, Jane Doe’s username would be JDoe). Do not include apostrophes or hyphens. If your last name has a space, leave the space. (For example, Dick Van Dyke’s username would be (DVan Dyke).

Your password is your member ID which is found just to the left of the date on the address label of The American Organist magazine.

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For problems or questions logging in, please contact us at info@agohq.org or by phone, 212-870-2310.