November 2019: Welcome New Members

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  1. John J. Flanagan says:

    Bill, I am a Lutheran (LCMS) who has a passion for composing Christian hymns and songs of faith. I am retired, nearly 75 years old. I presently have posted on YouTube 13 hymns, half are covers of public domain hymns, and half are originals I composed myself and played on an acoustic guitar. One of my recent covers is my own version of “The Apostles Creed,” strummed in hymn format, using chords CGF. I would like to know if one or more of your members might be interested in playing this on their organ, either solo, with one vocalist, or in a choir rendition. I thought this might be a potential congregational hymn for the church. I can tell you that my enthusiasm for this project has been discouraged at every turn. I have tried to generate an interest by contacting musicians in my own denominational synod, as well as others, and have been unsuccessful. No one seems interested. But I was hoping that maybe there is one organist or musician, or choral leader, who might try playing the hymn and even change around the musical arrangement if desired, to compose this work. In any case, thanks for listening. If you go to YouTube, John J. Flanagan, the playlist includes “The Apostles’ Creed” and 12 other hymns and songs. God bless. JJF. 1/5/20.

    • Bill Valentine says:

      Hello John,

      Thank you for your comment on the AGO website. The AGO is a chapter-based organization and probably the best way of meeting organists and sharing your work would be by joining the nearest chapter and getting to know the members. You can find many of the chapter websites on this page: Also, the AGO maintains an active Facebook page and if you are on Facebook you could try contacting people there. Good luck!

  2. Hello, I am an organist from the state of Jalisco, in Mexico, I would like to know more organs and to be able to give more concerts, currently I have played concerts in 4 countries and in my country in various states and in the capital Mexico City, in the seventh organ biggest in the world.


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