November 2014 TAO Chapter News

Northeast Region

Bangor, ME

Bangor members' recital

Bangor members’ recital

June 2, the chapter held its annual meeting and a members’ recital at Orono United Methodist Church (host Barbara Smith). The recital included performances by the chapter’s three scholarship students and was followed by a delicious dinner catered by the church.

—Julia Morris-Myers

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Binghamton, NY

Binghamton, Chemung Valley, and Oneonta chapter members with host organist Chris Warren (center), at First Baptist Church in Hamilton, N.Y.

Binghamton, Chemung Valley, and Oneonta chapter members with host organist Chris Warren (center), at First Baptist Church in Hamilton, N.Y.

Aug. 3, chapter member Roberta Rowland-Raybold played a benefit recital at St. James Episcopal Church in Lake Delaware. Proceeds are to be used in support of the choir of St. James and in vocal training for young students. The organ at St. James, originally built by Möller, was relocated and rebuilt by Sid Chase of Chase Organ Company, Worcester. Eleven chapter members made the lengthy trek in support of former dean Rowland Raybold and the ambitious program of this small parish.

Aug. 10, eight members drove to Interlake to hear an organ recital by Sarah Sabol (former student member of the chapter) at the Interlaken Reformed Church. Sabol played at a members’ recital in 2011 and at a chapter Rising Stars program in 2012. She was the recipient of a scholarship from the chapter in support of a summer session at Interlochen Music School in Michigan, after which she became a student at the Interlochen Academy. She is now in her third year as an organ major at Rice University, studying with Ken Cowan. She performed works of Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Buxtehude, and Dupré on the 1922 Möller organ rebuilt by A. Richard Strauss of Ithaca, NY

Aug. 13, eight members traveled to Ithaca to hear a short recital by member Jonathan Biggers on the two-manual Hellmuth Wolff tracker organ in the Unitarian Church of Ithaca. The recital was part of “Ithaca Day” of the national convention of the Organ Historical Society, based this year in Syracuse. Biggers, professor of organ and harpsichord at Binghamton University, played works by Bach, Böhm, and Bruhns.

Aug. 20, 20 members of the Binghamton, Oneonta, and Chemung Valley chapters gathered for an organ crawl organized by Roberta Rowland-Raybold and the Oneonta chapter. The first stop was at St. Malachy’s Church in Sherburne, to hear and play the 1923 Beman organ, rebuilt by the Faucher Company in 1994. Mike Roseboom provided a retrospective look at the Beman Organ Company, a late 19th- and early 20th-century company based in Binghamton, which reportedly built more than 700 organs for churches and theaters. Church historian Rosemarie Tenney provided the group with an interesting presentation on the history of the church. A special thanks to Anne Franco (host organist), who made all the arrangements for the visit. The second stop, following lunch at the historic Colgate Inn, was the First Baptist Church in Hamilton, which houses a much-altered organ originally built in 1905 by the Estey Organ Company of Brattleboro, Vt. The organ now includes an antiphonal division added in 2004 by Kerner & Merchant of Syracuse. Host organist Chris Warren demonstrated the instrument and then invited members to play it. This was followed by a visit to the nearby chapel of Colgate University, which houses a three-manual Holtkamp tracker. Warren demonstrated the organ, and several members enjoyed playing this impressive instrument.

—John Holt

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Oneonta, NY

Organ crawl participants at St. Malachy’s Roman Catholic Church: Anne Franco, Roberta Rowland- Raybold, Marshall MacNaught, and Russell Taylor (Oneonta)

Organ crawl participants at St. Malachy’s Roman Catholic Church: Anne Franco, Roberta Rowland-
Raybold, Marshall MacNaught, and Russell Taylor (Oneonta)

Aug. 20, chapter members Anne Franco, Roberta Rowland-Raybold, Marshall MacNaught, and Russell Taylor joined members from the Binghamton and Chemung chapters for a summer organ crawl that included three noteworthy instruments. Participants met at St. Malachy’s Roman Catholic Church in Sherburne, where they were welcomed by parish priest Fr. Lester Smith, who spoke on the importance of sacred music in the personal life of St. Augustine.

After coffee and doughnuts, they proceeded to the early 20th-century Beman organ, rebuilt in the1990s by the Faucher Organ Company. Michael Roseboom addressed the group on the history of Binghamton’s Beman Organ Company, and Rosemarie Tenney (church historian) spoke on the more recent renovations to the organ. Crawl participants proceeded to Hamilton, N.Y., where they had lunch at the Colgate Inn and were hosted at First Baptist Church by organist Chris Warren, who demonstrated the 1905 Estey organ. The final destination was the Holtkamp organ at Colgate University’s Memorial Chapel, where Glenn Kime is organist. AGO members enjoyed a full day of playing the diverse instruments.

—Roberta Rowland-Raybold

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Northeast Connecticut

May 17, the chapter held its 21st Annual L. Cameron Johnson Memorial Organ Competition for High School Students at Storrs Congregational Church on the campus of the University of Connecticut. First place winner Alexander Pattavina began his organ studies with John Dunn under the Young Organists Initiative Scholarship and continued his organ studies with Philip Jones. He earned his AGO Service Playing Certificate in 2011 and Colleague Certificate in 2013. He received second place in the 2013 Albert Schweitzer Organ Competition and second place in the 2013 Boston AGO Chapter Quimby Competition. This fall, he began organ studies with Paul Jacobs at the Juilliard School. His prize of $1,500 was awarded by the Storrs Congregational Church. Second-prize winner Richard Gress won $750, donated by the Greater Hartford and Northeastern Connecticut chapters. Third prize went to Julian Petrallia, who won $300 donated by Rich Calusine of Johannus New England. Judges for the competition were Andrew Kotylo, Anne Laver, and Matthew Provost. Kotylo was the competition’s 1995 winner.

June 6, all officers were reelected at a brief meeting during the chapter’s Theatre Organ Soirée and Cookout at the home of member Mike Foley of Foley-Baker Inc. They are Ken Earl Woods (dean), Angela Salcedo (subdean), Lida Miller (secretary), Mary Ione Jackman (treasurer), Rich Calusine (membership), Mike McCarthy (placement), and Suzanne Mancini and Prue Schifley (at large). Afterward, members were treated to a recital by Juan Cardona Jr. on Mike Foley’s 1930s Wurlitzer theater organ. Members enjoyed his great variety of show tunes, jazz, and improvisations.

—Lida Miller

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Mid-Atlantic Region

Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Sterner, author of The Practicing Mind, and Dean Tim Evers at Philadelphia event

Thomas Sterner, author of The Practicing Mind, and Dean Tim Evers
at Philadelphia event

In March, the chapter presented Thomas Sterner, author of The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life. Sterner’s research is on developing focus and discipline in your life, and loving the process. He expressed his appreciation for presenting his findings to a group of musicians, as he himself is a pianist. In June, the chapter held its annual banquet in the ballroom at Longwood Gardens. Marva Dawn, assisted by her husband, gave a presentation, and chapter members enjoyed an address by Dean Tim Evers and a recital by Peter Richard Conte.

—Marcia Sommers

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Tidewater, VA

Martin Sunderland, Gustavo Andres, Holly Sunderland, and John Dixon at Tidewater hymn festival

Martin Sunderland, Gustavo Andres, Holly Sunderland, and John Dixon at Tidewater hymn festival

July 30, chapter members Martin R. Sunderland, Holly B. Sunderland, Gustavo Andres, and John Dixon presented a hymn festival titled “Let Heavenly Music Fill This Place.” The program was co sponsored by the chapter and the 2014 Sacred Music Summer Conference (Sandra Billy, director of the Center for Sacred Music, Virginia Wesleyan College). An audience of 150 joined in singing the hymns at the First Presbyterian Church, Virginia Beach, which features a 68-rank Reuter, Opus 2225. The format for each of the twelve hymn tunes selected included a chorale prelude, a hymn introduction, one standard organ-accompanied stanza, and a final stanza with alternate organ accompaniment. Dixon composed and presented a choral prelude, hymn introduction, and hymn alternate accompaniment for “Austria.”

—Martin R. Sunderland

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Southeast Region

Grand Strand, SC

Ashley Sosis, Tony Roof, Billy Fallaw, Karen Kearney, and Brian Monroe at Grand Strand performance

Ashley Sosis, Tony Roof, Billy Fallaw, Karen Kearney, and Brian Monroe at Grand Strand performance

Aug. 24, the chapter held its opening convocation at Church of the Resurrection, Surfside Beach (Karen Kearney, host organist). Tony Roof, district convener of the Southeast Region, was guest speaker at the service of Evensong. The Rev. Ronald Greiser Jr. of Church of the Resurrection officiated. Voluntaries were played by the Rev. Bud Esper, the Rev. Jean Norton, and Brian Monroe. Ashley Sosis and Brian Monroe were cantors for Karen Kearney’s setting of Psalm 34 and the Magnificat. Sosis accompanied the Magnificat on Celtic harp. Members and guests sang Mozart’s Ave Verum and Jacob’s Brother James’s Air, accompanied by Kearney. Brown Bradley sang Malotte’s The Lord’s Prayer, accompanied by Billy Fallaw. Following the service, a summer-salad supper with desserts was enjoyed by all.

—Billy Fallaw

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Great Lakes Region

Fox Valley, IL

Fox Valley “Bach and Beyond” participants

Fox Valley “Bach and Beyond” participants

July 25, several chapter members performed in the 15th annual “Bach and Beyond” concert at Marmion Abbey in North Aurora. The program primarily featured works of J.S. Bach, but was augmented by works of Buxtehude and Saint-Saëns. Organists included Daniel Pollack, Rosalie Cassidy, Madeline Woodworth, Christopher Orf, Grace Adduci, Megan Gruenwald, Marsha Foxgrover, Jean Spyks MA, Michael Surratt, and Cathryn Wilkinson. A chapter choir, directed by James Winfield, performed an anthem by James Winfield. The audience, estimated at more than 200, joined in the singing of hymns. Special recognition was given to member Jonathan Rudy, who won the National Young Artists Competition in Organ Performance in Boston; to his former teacher Karl Bruhn, who is the new councillor for Region V; and to Daniel Mattix, chapter member who received his AAGO certification this year.

—Kaitlyn Matthews

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Holland Area, MI

In April, the chapter met in the organ studio of Huw Lewis at Hope College, to hear a presentation by organ students about their study tour last spring to England. The students showed pictures, and each spoke about the experience of seeing and hearing important instruments as well as visiting churches and colleges. Participants were also treated to a preview of next spring’s Hope College organ tour to North Germany, and heard the students play pieces they are working on by Buxtehude and Bruhns. In May, the chapter held its annual end-of-year potluck, hosted at the home of Jane Bosko. Honored guests included Region V councillors David Lamb (outgoing), and Karl Bruhn (incoming). Participants enjoyed a tasty meal and time for conversation with friends and colleagues. The evening ended with a motivating talk from the always-entertaining Lamb.

—Rhonda Sider Edgington

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North Central Region

Greater Kansas City, MO


Greater Kansas City participants Ray Smith, John Bryandt (publicity committee), Karen Engebretson, Nicholas Mourlam, John T. Davies, Jan Kraybill, Rachel Priest, Mario Pearson (kneeling), Claudette Schiratti (planning committee), Rebecca Bell, Mary Bronaugh Davis, and Bill Banks with hurdy gurdy

Aug. 24, the chapter and the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Kansas City cosponsored French Festival #2. There was a strong representation of music of the late Romantic and early 20th-century periods, including further presence of folk music for the 2014 presentation of the French Festival. Mario Pearson (cathedral music director) and members of the Cathedral Schola Cantorum opened the festival with the “Kyrie” from Vierne’s Messe Solennelle and a “Hymne à la Vierge.” Further performers included Nicholas Mourlam, SPC (graduate assistant organist at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana); Ray Smith, CAGO (organist at Colonial Presbyterian Church in Kansas City and chapel organist at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kans.), in collaboration with soprano Rachel Priest and violinist Landon Vinson; Mary Bronaugh Davis, CAGO (immediate past dean); folk-music duet performers Rebecca Bell on organetto (button accordion) and Bill Banks on organistrum (hurdy gurdy); Karen Engegretson (organist from Leavenworth, Kans.); John T. Davies (organist of the Stone Church and staff organist of Community of Christ, both of Independence, Mo.); Jan Kraybill, FAGO (principal organist for the Dome and Spire Foundation of the Community of Christ Headquarters in Independence and organ conservator at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City).

—Norm Kinnaugh

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Southwest Region

Cimarron, OK

May 17, Charlotte Dumesnil, student of Gerald Frank at Oklahoma State University, was awarded the chapter’s 2014 Cherine Troxel Organ Scholarship first prize. June 16, members met at the home of Gerald Frank for a potluck dessert and business meeting. David Hughes was recognized for his service as dean, and officers were elected for 2014–15: Daphnee Brian (dean), Kevin Larios (sub-dean), Rebecca te Velde (secretary), and Gerald Frank (treasurer).

—Rebecca te Velde

Dallas, TX

Dallas chapter Executive Committee, 2014-2015

Dallas chapter Executive Committee, 2014-2015

March 18, the chapter’s Robert T. Anderson Recital Series continued with Christian Lane performing at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration (Joel Martinson and Glenn Stroh, hosts). Lane played music of Bach (both J.S. and C.P.E.), Buxtehude, Reger, Mendelssohn, Bovet, and Cooman. The organ by Richards, Fowkes & Co. is one of the city’s newest (2010) and is housed in a beautiful Baroque case.

April 27, the chapter’s Neighborhood Recital Series continued at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Allen. Half the program was played by host organist Jordan Smith (music of Vierne, Cook, and Gigout); the other half was played by chapter scholarship student Henry Webb (works by Bach and Franck). The chapter concluded the season with an end-of-year banquet and closing festival service at Highland Park Presbyterian Church. Host organist Michael Shake played the organ and was joined by the church’s choir and handbell ensemble. During this service, new officers were installed for the 2014–15 year: Kathryn Johnson (dean); Michael Shake (sub-dean); Margaret Ball (secretary); Christopher Cooper (treasurer); George Christ (membership); Graham Clarke (historian); Benjamin Kolodziej (parliamentarian); Lee Corbin and Rebecca Peal-Sconce (auditors) and Bart Ghent, Bradley Reznicek, Chris Brunt, Hye-Jean Choi, Charles Brow, Charlene Dorsey, Charles Morell, Glenn Stroh, and René Schmidt (members at large).

—Benjamin Kolodziej

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Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth organ crawl participants (photo: Ed Ackermann)

Fort Worth organ crawl participants (photo: Ed Ackermann)

March 15, chapter members got on a chartered bus to Dallas for a “Spectacular Tracker” organ crawl. Mary Preston, staff organist, demonstrated the Fisk Opus 100 organ at the Meyerson Symphony Center, and then the console was open to the group. The next organ was Fisk Opus 101, installed in Caruth Auditorium at Southern Methodist University a year after the Meyerson’s Fisk was installed. Larry Palmer, head of SMU’s organ department, showed off the features of the organ; he then invited the group to try the instrument. Then it was lunch time. The bus took the group to Snider Plaza near SMU, and members took off in groups to various restaurants. The final organ on the tour was the tracker organ built by Richards, Fowkes & Co. and installed in the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration in north Dallas (Joel Martinson, music director and senior organist). The case is finished in blazing-red faux bois with trompe-l’oeil bas relief and other decorative painting. The organ is in a very spacious rear gallery that can also hold a large choir and other instruments. Martinson played the organ to demonstrate the various colors of the tonal palette and talked about some of the unique features of the instrument. The tour group included almost all of the chapter’s student members. They all played very well, considering the three organs have European-style flat pedalboards, and they are accustomed to practicing on standard AGO pedalboards. For many, this was their first experience playing very large, mechanical-action organs.

—Ed Ackermann

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West Region

Utah Valley, UT

Utah Valley hymn sing participants (front) Florence Hawkinson, David Chamberlin, Ruth Eldredge, Becky Azera, Jack Stoneman, Jay Goodliffe; (back) Paul Duncombe, Blaine Olson, Susan Morris, Jennifer Morgan, Sheri Peterson, Quinten Knudsen, Lella Pomeroy, and Ruth Ann Hay

Utah Valley hymn sing participants (front) Florence Hawkinson, David Chamberlin, Ruth Eldredge, Becky Azera,
Jack Stoneman, Jay Goodliffe; (back) Paul Duncombe, Blaine Olson, Susan Morris, Jennifer Morgan, Sheri Peterson,
Quinten Knudsen, Lella Pomeroy, and Ruth Ann Hay

May 16, the chapter presented a hymn sing with narration, titled “The Power of the Hymns of Zion,” with the newly renovated 17-rank Wicks organ at the Sharon LDS Stake Center in Orem. Eleven organists accompanied spirited hymn singing, using free accompaniments and arrangements—some by the organists themselves and some by other chapter members. More than half of the organists counted this as their very first hymn sing. Participants included Becky Azera, David Chamberlin, Paul Duncombe, Ruth Eldredge, Jay Goodliffe, Florence Hawkinson, Ruth Ann Hay, Quinten Knudsen, Jennifer Morgan, Susan Morris, Blaine Olson, Sheri Peterson, Lella Pomeroy, and Jack Stoneman.

—Jack Stoneman

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