Vox Humana: Music in Canadian Cathedrals

Patrick Wedd, recently retired Director of Music at Christ Church Cathedral in Montréal, discusses church music in Canadian cathedrals with Vox Humana Associate Editor, Nicholas Capozzoli. Read the complete article. … [Read more...]

Online applications to attend 2019 Pipe Organ Encounters are now open

Six AGO Pipe Organ Encounters will be hosted by chapters in five states (Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and Washington) and in one foreign country (Finland) in 2019. In addition to four traditional POEs, there will be one POE-Advanced, and one POE-Technical.  For more information and to apply to attend, please visit any of the three following AGO website pages: Pipe Organ Encounters for traditional POEs in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, St. Louis, Missouri, Seattle Washington, and Helsinki, Finland. Pipe Organ Encounters-Advanced  for the POE-Advanced in Houston, Texas. or Pipe Organ Encounters-Technical  for the POE-Technical in River Forest and Oak Park, Illinois. … [Read more...]

2019 AGO/Quimby Regional Competitions for Young Organists

The AGO Regional Competitions for Young Organists are held in odd-numbered years, in two separate stages. An initial competition (2019) is held at the local level by an AGO chapter. Each chapter winner will advance to a regional competition, where a regional winner will be awarded. The competition cycle culminates in 2020 when the 7 regional competition winners – now AGO Rising Stars – perform at the Rising Star recitals at the AGO National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. The AGO/Quimby Regional Competitions for Young Organists are made possible by a generous grant from Michael Quimby, President, Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc. … [Read more...]

Vox Humana: Organ Music & Education in Norway

Sigurd Øgaard, Organist at Bergen Cathedral, discusses organ music, organ building, and education in Norway and the United States. Read the current issue … [Read more...]

Vox Humana Bachman

This article in Vox Humana's new Historic Organs of the World series features the stunning 1819 Philip Bachmann organ in Tacoma, Washington, one of the earliest organs built in the United States. … [Read more...]

November 2018 TAO Cover Story

St. Paul’s Memorial United Methodist Church South Bend, Indiana Berghaus Pipe Organ Builders Inc. • Bellwood, Illinois View an enlarged cover Stop List By Jonathan Oblander Situated on the corner of Colfax and LaPorte avenues in South Bend, the Gothic St. Paul’s Memorial United Methodist Church was designed by architect S.R. Badgely and dedicated on March 15, 1903. The church and furnishings were generously funded by the Clem Studebaker family, whose wagon and then automobile manufacturing business operated for 115 years. Although Clem Studebaker helped lay the cornerstone of the church in 1901, he unfortunately died before seeing its completion. However, he is memorialized as a member of the crowd listening to the apostle Paul … [Read more...]

Vox Humana Journal Marshall 2018

In the October 14, 2018 issue of Vox Humana Kimberly Marshall, Professor of Organ at Arizona State University, discusses medieval organ literature, instrument reconstructions, and ornamentation and improvisation practice. Read the Current Issue of Vox Humana … [Read more...]

October 2018 TAO Cover Story

Multum in Parvo The New Schoenstein at Church of the Redeemer Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts By Jack M. Bethards and Michael S. Murray View an enlarged cover View the Stop List Working within strict space or budget limits is the intriguing challenge of organbuilding. My fascination with it began with this description of the 1899 Willis at St. Bees Priory in James B. Jamison’s marvelous book Organ Design and Appraisal. “The scheme resembles an athlete trained down to hard muscle, without a superfluous ounce of flesh. The specification disdains ornaments and concentrates on essentials. I can also state that its color flexibility is astonishing, largely because of the individual stop beauty (there never were lovelier voices) and the way … [Read more...]

In the News

The AGO National Council is following closely the news of recent allegations of inappropriate behavior by an organ teacher toward his students at institutions of higher education. Council members have reached out to the students to offer their concern and support. The academic institutions are conducting independent investigations about the allegations toward their faculty member, and the results of those investigations will help determine any further action on the part of the Guild. As a reminder, all AGO members agree to abide by the Code of Ethics, which requires “responsible conduct toward those whom we serve” and to “avoid any sort of abusive behavior, whether verbal, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, or other.” Read the … [Read more...]

September 2018 TAO Cover Feature

Northrop Auditorium and its Reconditioned Aeolian-Skinner Opus 892 by Mike Foley View an enlarged cover View the Stop List       Completed in 1929, Cyrus Northrop Memorial Auditorium was named after the University of Minnesota’s second president and remains an iconic structure on the university’s Minneapolis campus. The Aeolian-Skinner, Opus 892, was installed in four sections between 1932 and 1935. We were called to survey the organ in 2009. Northrop seated 4,847; it was a distance of 206 feet from the stage to the balcony’s rear seats. From there, one almost needed binoculars to see the console. I was used to seeing a theater’s organ chambers in the side walls aiming the sound squarely at the audience. … [Read more...]