West: Keeping up Skills During Less Busy Times of the Year

Hello from the West to all! I know we are all looking forward to the warm temperatures which summer brings. Have you stopped to consider, “What shall I do in the summer to keep up with my organ skills?”

Well, here are a few options that may help you in your skill-keeping:

There are summer conferences occurring which can help us in our upkeep. Of course, there is the AGO National Convention, being held in Kansas City, MO, from July 2 to July 6. Currently, until March 31, the price is $250.00. Visit http://www.agokc2018.com/ to find out more information.

You could also compete in competitions, which should give you ample reason to practice. You can visit https://www.agohq.org/competitions-active/ to check out a listing of active competitions, updated regularly.

There are also summer study programs which one can attend. I remember back to my youth when I attended organ camp at Westminster Choir College. That had a great influence in my career. A quick Google search revealed quite a few universities and colleges which offer summer camps and workshops. These include: BYU, WCC, Curits, Interlochen, Eastman, Baylor and Longwood Gardens.

With these thoughts of warmth, we hope you stay toasty!


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