POE Information for Chapters

Successful POE events of all types (POE, POE+, POE-Advanced, and POE-Technical) have been sponsored by both small and large chapters since 1988.

What facilities will we need?
  • Instruments – one pipe organ for every two participants (creative scheduling is recommended if fewer instruments are available)
  • Housing – university, college, or seminary dormitories are generally recommended
  • Transportation – preferably buses or vans (bonded/insured) or private cars to transport students everywhere
  • Recreation – opportunities for play, social interaction and relaxation are important for both young people and adults!
How many teachers will we need?

There should be one faculty member for every two participants who attend.

How will we finance our POE event?

If your chapter is selected as a POE site, it may receive up to $3,500 from the AGO national office.  POE, POE+, and POEA events receive $2,000 in support ($3,000 for POE-Technical events) from the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America (APOBA) and $500 from the American Institute of Organbuilders (AIO). You will need to solicit local funding as well. In the recent past, the average cost per participant has been $500 – $1,200. Registration fees range from $475.00 to $550.00 per participant. Recent total budgets have been from $15,000.00 – $35, 000.00.

How many chapter members need to be on our POE committee?

You will need a Director, Secretary/Registrar, Treasurer, Services Coordinator, Funding Coordinator, Publicity Coordinator, Faculty Coordinator, and a Facilities Coordinator. (One person might be responsible for more than one of these areas.)

How far in advance should we plan?

You will need to plan approximately two years in advance: The first year to establish chapter support, complete Site Application Form, and assemble committee. The next year will involve advertising and the detailed “leg work” leading up to your POE event.

How do we apply?

Download the POE Handbook below, which provides detailed instructions and an application form. Following the approval of the Chapter Executive Board, make your chapter’s application online by February 15 of the year preceding your proposed POE to the Committee on Pipe Organ Encounters (CoPOE) using the appropriate form below. This application submission will be copied to every member of CoPOE and your Regional Councillor. You will be notified of approval by May 1 of the year of your application.


pdf-large-type POE Handbook (Guidelines for POE Host Chapters)

Online Forms for Chapter Application to Host a Pipe Organ Encounter

POE/POE+/POEA Site Proposal Application

POE-Technical Site Proposal Application (for Chapters)

POE-Technical Site Proposal Application (for Builders)

pdf-large-typePOE Budget Spreadsheet


pdf-large-typeAd from TAO for POE sites


pdf-large-typeAd for POE-Technical 2019


pdf-large-typeAGO Pipe Organ Encounter Press Release (2019)


pdf-large-typeFundraising Ideas for POE Participants