Dues 2017-2018

March 24, 2017

Dear Fellow Members,

The Committee on Membership Development and Chapter Support (COMDACS) recommended to the AGO National Council an increase in dues and some accompanying changes for the coming 2017 dues cycle, beginning April 1, 2017. The National Council approved these changes at their January 2017 meeting. A modest increase in dues of $5 on most categories was put in place. However, those electing to receive The American Organist electronically (which is already an option for all members for TAOs dating back to 2014 – see more on this below) can reduce their rate by $8. Those in the former “Partner” category will see a more significant increase. Over the years, the cost of this category has become subsidized, and in order to better balance costs we have chosen to modify this category which has resulted in a larger increase.

Among the exciting and important developments of the change in structure, the former Student membership category was eliminated and replaced with the Young Organist membership category. This change is to make AGO membership affordable not only for students, but also for recent college graduates who may be seeking employment or working in entry-level positions.

AGO dues are competitive or less than those of comparable music organizations, frequently by 10% or more. Please see the April issue of TAO for a more complete analysis of the dues increase. The committee hopes you will embrace these changes and continue to support our work together.

Thank you,
The Committee on Membership Development and Chapter Support
John E. Wigal, MM, Director
Henry Glass, SPC, MA
Debra LeBrun, SPC, MM
Collin A. Richardson, DMA
Leslie C. Smith, CAGO, MM
David K. Lamb, CAGO, DMus, Councillor for Membership

You are invited to try The American Organist online! and view both current and past issues as they become available.

John E. Wigal
Director of Music/Organist
Church of the Good Shepherd
P.O. Box 145
Lookout Mountain, TN 37350