Church Music Institute Creates eLibrary of over 10,000 Sacred Choral Titles

In 2015, conversations began about the possibility of the CMI eLibrary becoming a membership benefit to members of AGO. Funding was sought and obtained for a pilot project; considerations among the appropriate levels of approval needed within AGO were initiated and completed. In early 2016, a pilot project for CMI and the AGO to offer access to the eLibrary was begun through the national office to chapters in Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Atlanta.

Enrollment processes were honed, and access was provided; at this writing, dozens of AGO members and their colleagues are experimenting with the eLibrary as we look forward with hope to offering all AGO members this benefit in 2017.

pdf-large-typePlease read  the full article in the July 2016 issue of TAO by CMI Executive Director Charlotte Kroeker

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